Abdul Latif Jameel recognised for transformation across 100 Saudi Arabia sites

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, together with their SAP implementation partner, Britehouse, has been awarded a prestigious international prize for a digital transformation programme that has overhauled performance at one of Saudi Arabia’s leading automotive distributors, improving efficiency and customer service across the business.

Since its launch in mid-2018, the new system has significantly improved performance and efficiency, and internal processes, including but not limited to reducing vehicle sales delivery lead time and customer order conversion time by over 50%. The project was delivered from the Abdul Latif Jameel Motors project office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and was conducted as a 3-in-the-box project, comprising of Abdul Latif Jameel Business, Abdul Latif Jameel IT and Britehouse project members.

Implemented in partnership with SAP specialists Britehouse, the project saw Abdul Latif Jameel Motors introduce a new unified IT infrastructure to replace over 30 legacy systems in five subsidiaries, leading to strategically integrated operations and management processes across more than 100 sites in Saudi Arabia. More than 300 staff and 140 consultants from Britehouse were involved in the flagship initiative, which took over 1.5 million working hours to complete over 22 months.

The JSAP programme, which went live in mid-2018, won the Gold Award for Business Transformation in the SAP Quality Awards, presented at a special ceremony in Heidelberg, Germany. The initiative, one of the biggest SAP projects ever undertaken in the automotive distribution sector, outcompeted entries from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to become the first Saudi company to win the Gold Award in the category.

The panel of judges, made up of international industry experts, commended Abdul Latif Jameel Motors for their management of the change process and the strong team and corporate culture developed around JSAP, which they said had helped overcome the many challenges of the complex project.

Hassan Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, said, “We are constantly striving to improve the business and JSAP was a centre piece of these efforts. It was an ambitious and challenging project and a real test of our ability to implement a complex and transformative initiative – one we have passed with flying colors. The award is a recognition of the tremendous effort, commitment and perseverance of all involved.”

“We are already seeing a significant impact on our performance, management and efficiency and I am sure we will continue to reap the benefits long into the future. At a time when Saudi Arabia is seeking to realise the potential of digital transformation through Vision 2030, we are very proud as a Saudi company to be winning a top international industry award,” he added.

Elma Potgieter, Regional Executive for Britehouse in the Middle East, and responsible as Programme Director for the Abdul Latif Jameel project, said: “We are extremely proud of our client, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors and are honoured to have been on this journey with them as the implementation partner. This was a remarkable project, with a remarkable team.”

(Left to right) Abdullah Jan, SAP Head of Customer Office, Saudi Arabia; Mazyad Gharzeddine, SAP Senior Account Executive; Nawaf Al Zahrani, ALJ IT General Manager; Onder Mete, ALJ IT Director; TR Balakrishnan ALJ CFO; Faisal Abdalla, ALJ Vice President; Peter Aberle, ALJ COO; Elma Potgieter, Britehouse Regional Executive; Frank Forndron, SAP Head of Customer Success EMEA South.

Key takeaways


  • The project was conducted as a 3-in-the-box project, Abdul Latif Jameel Business, Abdul Latif Jameel IT, Britehouse project members.
  • The project introduced new IT infrastructure replacing 30 legacy systems in five subsidiaries across 100+ sites in Saudi Arabia.


  • The new system has reduced vehicle sales delivery and customer order conversion durations by over 50%.


  • 300 staff, 140 consultants were involved in the initiative, which took over 1.5 million working hours to complete over 22 months.
  • The panel of judges commended Abdul Latif Jameel Motors for management of the change process.