Abu Dhabi based G42 and Israel based Rafael create new venture around AI and big data

G42 and Rafael form new JV, Presight.AI.

Group 42 (G42), a leading technology company based in Abu Dhabi, and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems of Israel, announced the signing of an agreement to form a new Joint Venture (JV) that will commercialize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data technologies and solutions for multiple sectors.

In bringing together two of the most active and successful players in the fields of AI and Big Data, the new JV, called Presight.AI, will combine the companies’ knowledge, personnel, technology, and resources to conceptualize, develop, and deploy best-in-class solutions in various programs in the region and globally.

The signing event, held in Herzliya, Israel, was attended by UAE’s Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Mohamad Mahmoud Al Khaja, G42’s Group CEO Mr. Peng Xiao, Rafael’s President and CEO, Mr. Yoav Har-Even, CEO of G42 Israel, Mr. Maoz Ben Ari, CEO of Presight.AI, Mr. Sean Teo, and other dignitaries.

Presight.AI will establish an R&D center in Israel, tapping into the local talent to spearhead the advancement of AI and Big Data technologies and their application across multiple sectors such as, banking, healthcare, public safety and others. The agreement is subject to regulatory approvals by Israeli and UAE authorities.

G42 brings significant expertise in the research, development and deployment of AI for both the public and private sectors and operates a powerful cloud computing infrastructure set to become the largest in the region. A frontrunner in the global fight against COVID-19, G42 has provided nationwide detection and diagnostic solutions, while also contributing to the successful rollout of the vaccine clinical trials and its distribution in the UAE. A key player in the digitization of large enterprises and governments, the company announced last week a major investment from US-based investment technology firm, Silver Lake.

With a legacy of over 73 years, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is a national center of research and development through its wide range of cutting-edge technologies. Rafael is a world leader in AI and Big Data technologies, and has implemented its deep and extensive knowhow and expertise in these fields into many of its cutting edge defense and civilian solutions, such as Wisdom Stone and others. As a global leader in the areas of Intelligence collection and processing, as well as all aspects of the Cyberspace environment and Space technologies, Rafael’s unparalleled expertise in AI enables organizations and governments to achieve and maintain technological superiority, assisting them with decision-making at the national level.

G42 and Rafael form new JV, Presight.AI.
G42 and Rafael form new JV, Presight.AI.

UAE’s Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Mohammad Mahmoud Al Khaja: “The new JV between Rafael and G42 is not just two companies coming together, but a strategic collaboration that further strengthens the relationship between Israel and the UAE as the countries explore multi-faceted opportunities for bilateral economic growth. The signing of the historic Abraham Accords last year has already enabled trade and investment across several sectors and is a testament to the many opportunities that lie ahead. We are still at the beginning of an exciting journey, and I look forward to more collaborations and bi-lateral agreements between our dynamic and innovative nations.”

Yoav Har-Even, President and CEO of Rafael: “First and foremost, this cooperation signifies another leap in the relationship between our countries, and it makes us all very excited to have such great partners in the Middle East, working together to make this region a better place. The significant resources Rafael has invested over the years in AI and Big Data technologies, both for defense and commercial applications, have catapulted us to become a global authority in these fields. Through Presight.AI, we will unravel the immense potential embodied by the two companies, by synergizing with G42, to take our joint expertise and complementary capabilities to the next level. Rafael will continue to broaden its global cooperation, as we strive to expand into further fields, and establish similar partnerships worldwide.”

Peng Xiao, Group CEO of G42, said: “We look forward to jointly developing new technological capabilities and business opportunities where G42 and Rafael can combine our strengths for the benefit of our region and the world. We’re very pleased to cement our relationship with Rafael and bring the best-in-class big data and AI solutions and services to a wide range of commercial sectors, in Israel, the UAE and internationally. This new JV, powered by the best minds in the industry, is destined to become a global force of innovation.”