Alteryx unifies analytics, data science, business process automation in one platform

Alteryx APA Platform

Alteryx has unveiled its enhanced analytic process automation platform, which unifies analytics, data science and business process automation in one, end-to-end platform. By bringing data, processes and people together in a converged approach, the Alteryx APA Platform enables high-impact business outcomes and rapid upskilling of people across the organisation.

Designed to put automation in the hands of all data workers, from line-of-business users to skilled analysts and data scientists, the human-centred platform transforms how businesses leverage their data assets, optimise their processes and upskill human talent to generate workforce efficiencies, top-line growth and optimise costs.

Data is permeating every part of business

Data insights are seen as key to delivering better customer experiences through deeper relationships and helping to propel businesses to new heights. In the United Arab Emirates, Alteryx surveyed 500 UAE businesses to understand how data and analytics are driving their businesses to thrive in this data-led world. With more than three-quarters of the UAE survey respondents, 79%, agreeing that data is a critical corporate asset for driving the business forward it’s clear that businesses are taking advantage of what seems to be insurmountable data sources across industries and internal functions.

When it comes to where businesses are in their analytical journey, almost two thirds, 62%, of the UAE businesses class themselves in the advanced stages of their journeys. For those companies leveraging data for insights over two fifths, 41%, report the major business benefit as increased productivity. Highlighting its status as one of the most advanced digital economies, nearly three quarters, 70%, of the UAE businesses believe that data has become so valuable it’s equivalent to a new currency.

For those companies leveraging data for insights, 41% report the major business benefit as increased productivity

Alteryx believes that APA Platforms can empower and upskill the market of 54 million data workers identified in an IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Alteryx, The State of Data Science and Analytics May 2019, to solve business critical problems that drive top-line growth, returns and efficiency, as well as bigger societal challenges. Last week, Alteryx launched a major new public upskilling initiative called ADAPT, a free analytics training curriculum and certification programme for those whose employment was impacted by Covid-19.

Three pillars of digital transformation

Other categories and offerings in analytics, data science and process automation delivered insights but also created artificial separations, stalling digital transformation efforts and forming chokepoints between data sources, technologies and teams that slowed outcomes. APA platforms are displacing the patchwork of point tools by bringing the user, and human intelligence, back to the centre of problem solving.

Accelerating time-to-value

With over 260 automation building blocks, the Alteryx APA Platform provides businesses with an integrated solution that unifies the full analytic continuum, enabling self-service insights and automated actions. This liberates data workers from complex and tedious data tasks and process hand-offs to focus on delivering high-impact business outcomes. The code-free, code-friendly platform can automate analytics and data science pipelines, manage complex data-centric business processes and deliver actionable insights for stakeholders in every line of business.

Dean Stoecker, Co-founder and CEO of Alteryx said, “Businesses are looking for transformational outcomes and have a heightened urgency to digitally transform. This requires a new kind of platform with an organisational capacity to make every worker across a company a data worker,” said Stoecker. “The analytics category is fast maturing, and capitalising on the potential of APA demands a unified platform that makes analytics, data science and process automation accessible to all. Human ingenuity is essential in creating any form of successful automation and when humans and machines work together as a means of amplifying intelligence, we can solve remarkable problems.”

“Data analytics has become a requirement for every line-of-business manager and executive decision maker looking to move faster to solve today’s business problems,” said Abboud Ghanem, RVP Middle East and Africa, Alteryx. “By bringing data, business processes and people into an integrated framework the Alteryx APA Platform enables leaders to upskill employees with technology that essentially creates a workflow for analytics and problem solving, providing businesses with an engine for driving digital transformation and better, faster problem-solving at scale.”