Azizi Developments launches construction of second tallest tower worth $1.5 billion

Azizi Developments, a private developer in the UAE, has launched the construction of the second tallest tower, worth $1.5bn, located on prime plot of land on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road. Scheduled to be completed within 4 years, the tower will feature a vertical mall, luxury residences and opulent penthouses, a 7-star hotel, a one-of-its-kind observation deck, and numerous high-end F&B options, among other unique and exciting features and amenities.

The date of the official ground-breaking ceremony will be announced later.

Commenting on this milestone announcement, Mirwais Azizi, Founder and Chairman of Azizi Developments, said: “Today is a special day as we finally break ground on one of my dream projects in Dubai. While the formal ceremony will be held later, I am delighted to be marking this occasion with our own team at Azizi – a team that will be building this iconic tower.”

“This tower will be our legacy. With Dubai having given my family and I so much – safety and abundance of opportunities – this tower, which will be the second tallest, is our way of giving back to this emirate and its remarkably hospitable and welcoming people.”, he continued.