Balancing customer and employee experience

Nathalie H Beydoun, Retail and HR Manager of BFL Group.

Our business environment offers one of the most supportive and inclusive workplaces in the UAE and the region. 90% of our employees are women and we take great pride in their valuable contributions to the business across all levels and functions. Women are a pillar of BFL Group’s foundations. Recognising their efforts is our priority and rewarding them for taking initiative and thinking outside the box is common practice by our leadership.

Most challenging

Having to balance out customer satisfaction and employee happiness is the ultimate challenge. A happy employee shows better work results and invests more efforts into pleasing customers, so I adopt a personalised approach when dealing with them. Each one has different cultural roots, social practices, position requirements, and personal circumstances to be taken into account.

Most engaging

I am very passionate about working with my staff and helping them move forward in their career in light of BFL Group’s family spirit. I feel rewarded when I see our employees genuinely connected, respectful of each other, appreciative of each other’s contributions, and united to enhance the overall customer experience.

Nathalie H Beydoun, Retail and HR Manager of BFL Group

As HR Manager, Beydoun handles key HR functions including hiring and interviewing staff, managing administrative tasks, enforcing company policies, and ensuring staff development. As Retail Manager, she oversees the customer experience and monitor the merchandising process and the stores’ financial performance. Overall, she is responsible of 1,500+ employees across 45 UAE stores.