Bee’ah categorises recyclers, partners with Barakat to offers rewards for top recyclers

Bee’ah Rewards, the flagship community engagement programme of the award-winning sustainability and environmental services pioneer, Bee’ah, has partnered with Barakat, a supplier of fresh produce, to further reward recyclers in the UAE. As a sponsorship partner, Barakat will join other brands in providing monthly prizes to recyclers who deposit plastic bottles in Bee’ah’s residential recycling bins, three-stream bins or Reverse Vending Machines across the UAE. Barakat will supply prizes of three- and six-months’ worth of fresh produce, fresh juices, smoothies and more to winners.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO at Bee’ah commented on the launch: “Sustainability and digitalisation are at the heart of Bee’ah’s operations, and we strive to merge these two pillars to ensure better living standards for the UAE. This recycling initiative is the perfect example of how we can use technology and digitalisation to enable communities to play their vital part in improving lives and contributing towards future sustainability.”

Hind Al Huwaidi, Director of Education at Bee’ah, said: “We are delighted to welcome Barakat onboard as a partner as we continue to incentivise and reward people who recycle via all Bee’ah recycling points. Bee’ah Rewards illustrates our ongoing commitment towards community engagement initiatives, and this programme simplifies recycling and empowers users to support the UAE’s circular economy and contribute towards environmental sustainability for future generations.”

Rashid Mohamed Alabbar, Board Member at Barakat added: “We share with Bee’ah the same values of sustainability and recycling, and we’re thrilled to be able to support this exciting and important community engagement initiative from Bee’ah. By providing these prizes we hope to further incentivise people to get involved, recycle and help protect the environment from needless waste.”

The programme has transformed the way people recycle in the UAE and have recorded unprecedented rates in public participation, with over 1.3 million bottles and aluminium cans deposited for recycling in the first three years.

Users can deposit plastic bottles in one of Bee’ah’s residential recycling bins, three stream bins or Reverse Vending Machines that are located around the country. Via the Zeloop mobile app, recyclers submit a picture of the plastic bottle and declare the quantity, then a sensor will detect this as the plastic bottles are deposited. The more people recycle, the higher their chances are of winning.

Every validated recycled bottle earns 100 ECO rewards and winners are selected based on recycling rates according to three different categories:

Hind Al Huwaidi, Director of Education at Bee’ah.
  • Small category recyclers: 100 to 500 bottles recycled
  • Medium category recyclers: 500 to 1,000 bottles recycled
  • Large category recyclers: 1,000+ bottles recycled

Large category prizes:

  • 1st place winner: Staycation for two at Hilton RAK
  • 2nd place winner: Six months’ worth of fresh produce, fresh juices, smoothies and more from Barakat

Medium category prizes:

  • 1st place winner: Lenovo M10 Tablet
  • 2nd place winner: Three months’ worth of fresh produce, fresh juices, smoothies and more from Barakat

Small category prizes:

  • 1st place winner: Canal Dhow Cruise from Dreamdays
  • 2nd place winner: Yellow Experience from Dreamdays

Monthly winners will be revealed on the announcement page in the app and on Bee’ah’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.