Can one-size-fits-all strategy drive business in pandemic

Omar Fakhri, Director, EMEA Component Channel, AMD

The team has adapted to this new world and continued to work hard throughout the pandemic. To be able to manage personal lives, work lives, and all the changes, is truly impressive. Proud of the initiatives with which AMD has been involved, such as the Covid HPC fund. On April 15, 2020, AMD announced the AMD Covid-19 HPC Fund to provide research institutions with computing resources to accelerate medical research on Covid-19 and other diseases.

One thing that quickly became obvious in 2020 was that one strategy would not work equally across all markets. Talking about the experience of selling products in over fifty countries, and the business differs across regions, as well as between segments.

It became obvious in 2020 that one strategy would not work equally across all markets

During the second quarter of 2020, a massive increase in demand for premium technology products were seen in the established Electronic Retail, E-tail, channels. However, in some of the emerging markets with less established online sales platforms, an initial slowdown was seen. This was followed by a resurgence as they developed new platforms to support the increased level of demand.

As such, the top priorities for the remainder of 2021 are enthusiast gaming, Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting, AAA, system integration and working closely with the partners, whether in the consumer space, commercial Small and Medium Business, SMB, segment and high-end desktop or workstations. Now, more than ever, there is an incredible focused on driving AMD’s business into these market segments and with continued support to the specialist channel partners who specialise. It is going to be an exciting year.

A concerted effort is made to listen to the needs of the customers and ensure that every support is offered to them that they need remotely. The lines of communication clear and fully embraced virtual engagements for training opportunities. The AMD Arena, a one-stop shop where partners can receive product training, marketing assets and everything else they need to support their business.

Sustainability objectives can and should be integrated within digital and business transformation initiatives. In fact, moving forward digitally will have little success in the near future if it is not done sustainably. In order to integrate objectives into one’s business, it is firstly important to establish a clear aim, whether that’s increasing your use of renewable energy sources, upholding a responsible supply chain or fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging, for example.

Once these objectives have been established, it is important to engage your business partners and customers, as well as communicate these goals throughout your organisation and develop conditions that are constantly supporting sustainability-related innovations so that they become engrained into everyday life.

A concerted effort is needed to listen to customer’s needs to ensure that they are offered support that they need remotely

AMD recently announced the publication of its 26th annual Corporate Responsibility Report which highlights features of the four key Environmental, Social and Governance, ESG, strategic focus areas that guide the company’s purpose-driven approach to high-performance computing: digital impact, environmental stewardship, supply chain responsibility, and diversity, belonging and inclusion.

Omar Fakhri, Director, EMEA Component Channel, AMD
Omar Fakhri, Director, EMEA Component Channel, AMD.

When selling products in over fifty countries, one strategy would not work equally across all markets as business differs across regions and segments.