e& UAE Adopts TM Forum and Camara APIs, Launches Developer Portal for Innovation

e& UAE has announced its adoption of the TM Forum and Camara-based Open APIs, underscoring its commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the telecommunications industry. This initiative will allow third-party developers and startups to access API solutions, facilitating the creation of scalable and innovative products.

With this strategic move, e& UAE launched a state-of-the-art Developer Portal, that will provide free access to a suite of well-defined, standardised, and interoperable APIs. The portal serves as a central hub for digital innovators to discover, explore, and utilise an extensive range of APIs in service management, customer management, product catalogue, billing, and network exposure.

“Our adoption of TM Forum and CAMARA Open APIs is a transformative step forward in our journey of innovation and customer-centricity,” said Amr Khalifa, Senior Vice President, Customer Interaction and Product Development, e& UAE.

Open APIs are essential for fostering innovation, reducing complexity, and enabling seamless integration across the telco and tech ecosystems,” said, George Glass, CTO, TM Forum.

The move will also see e& UAE offer many services in a standardised way and make them accessible as APIs to external partners and customers. e& UAE has also become an active and collaborating member of the TM Forum and CAMARA community to innovate digital services and simplify network complexity with Open APIs across the telecom industry. Recently, e& has implemented and certified two CAMARA APIs in addition to evolving its Open API journey through implementing and certifying 17 TM Forum APIs.

As a member of the TM Forum and GSMA, e& UAE joins a global industry association that drives digital transformation through collaboration, helping businesses in the telecommunications industry operate more effectively. By integrating Camara Open APIs, e& further demonstrates its dedication to leveraging open digital standards that encourage a seamless and agile operational framework.

By adopting an API architecture, e& UAE seeks to gain a significant competitive advantage and monetise services effectively. The objectives for a successful transition to an Open API-driven environment include empowering third-party developers to leverage APIs for digital product creation, enhancing product efficiency and overall customer experience, and promoting innovation by enabling the development community to create new applications and services that seamlessly integrate with external services and driving the API economy by creating new revenue streams.