Global CIO Forum, Strategic Plus host WebSummit on digital Africa

GCF Unite WebSummit, Africa

On July 1, Strategic Plus in partnership with Global CIO Forum, GCF, flagged off the GCF Unite WebSummit, Africa. The event is set to unfold with one session a week, every Wednesday, for three weeks in a row. The theme for the WebSummit was Digital Africa. It presented a platform for conversations about technology and how Africa can leverage global standards in meeting its own technological demands.

The ability to create, acquire and adapt new technologies is a critical essential for competitive growth in the global marketplace. Covid-19 and the striking effect of social distancing and lock-downs have presented the opportunity for Africa’s CIO’s and entrepreneurs to transform and elevate commerce, health, education, finance, governance and creative culture in order to sustain the economy.

The topics covered during the GCF Unite WebSummit, Africa included:

  • Leapfrogging technology to drive an impeccable digital Africa. The role of tech-preneurs and digital transformers
  • Transforming businesses today and into the future by driving high-velocity growth through forging cross-border partnerships and cutting-edge technologies
  • Re-imagining business in Africa. A leader’s outlook on how innovation and technology are the only way forward to develop enterprises and economies

The speakers

The speakers for the first session of the GCF Unite WebSummit, Africa were Aisha Addo, CEO and Founder of DriveHER and Kojo Choi, Business Entrepreneur at PayBox. The WebSummit was moderated by Kwaku A Ofosuhene, Founder and Executive Director of Strategic Plus Solutions, and Cassandra Tawiah, a leading entrepreneur in the region.

The GCF Unite WebSummit, Africa brought together attendees from across Africa and rest of the world. It was sponsored by Strategic Plus Solutions, GEC Media Group and the Global CIO Forum.

The speakers for the first session of the GCF Unite WebSummit, Africa
The speakers for the first session of the GCF Unite WebSummit, Africa.

The partnership

In 2019, Strategic Plus, in partnership with GEC Media Group, had also hosted the Global CIO 200 Forum, in Ghana. The objective of this event was to Integrate, Influence and Impact global technology leaders by creating a community of CIOs and tech leaders.

About GCF Unite WebSummit

Global CIO Forum’s GCF Unite WebSummit is an online webinar that is aimed towards creating a global technology leaders’ community whose ultimate goal is to Integrate, Influence, Impact CIOs and tech leaders. The GCF Unite WebSummit will host a series of events in multiple chapters and 30+ countries featuring successful local Tech leaders, CIOs, IT Directors, innovators, educators and investors who share business leadership best practices, and lessons learned on the road to building great future with help of technocrat & technology.

About Global CIO Forum

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