Joe Teixeira describes how Gourmet Gulf is scaling using Salesforce

Joe Teixeira, CEO Gourmet Gulf, talks to GEC Media Group’s Editor Arun Shankar on how the hospitality franchisee is scaling its business using the Salesforce platform. Salesforce partner Finesse, is responsible for the implementation and cloud transformation of Gourmet Gulf’s business model.

Gourmet Gulf has been a pioneer in offering exceptional dining experiences since 2004, by first bringing the Yo! Sushi concept to the Middle East followed by Californian Pizza Kitchen in 2009. Since then, the company has expanded and diversified its portfolio throughout the Gulf region by adding more brands such as Texas de Brazil, Azkadenya, Dalloyau, Panda Express, and The Hummingbird Bakery. With such a prolific roster, Gourmet Gulf always ensures to bring world-class delicacies and captivating culture to the table for its diners to enjoy.

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