JPIN VCATS partners with Global CIO Forum to bring IT decision makers into Indian-UK startups

(Left to right) Nayan Gala, Co-founder and Managing Partner, JPIN VCATS; and Gaurav Singh, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, JPIN VCATS.

JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd, JPIN VCATS, the UK extension of Venture Catalysts, rated by Crunchbase as seventh most active angel and seed investor globally in 2019, has tied up with Global CIO Forum, to invite and accept CIOs and CXOs, to become part of its global investment community. JPIN VCATS is looking at building an active global community to support its strategic investment into top of the class early startups across India & the UK.

Global CIO Forum offers an active participating community of 1,500+ global CIOs and CXOs across Africa, India, Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas and Middle East, as potential investors and mentors into JPIN VCATS.

Global CIO Forum is the organiser of the Global CIO 200 roadshow, the largest global virtual event for CIOs and IT decision makers with a net audience base of 10,000+. Global CIO Forum is also the supporting partner for technology publications, Business Transformation, Enterprise Channels, The Titans, Cyber Sentinels, with a combined monthly viewership of 500,000+.

JPIN VCATS is active in raising capital from the UK and globally for its portfolio of UK and India Startups. Venture Catalysts has an existing network of 4,500+ investors and the UK Chapter has a vision to grow this global community to 10,000+ Angels, CIOs, CTOs, CXOs, HNW, UHW+, Family offices and Micro VCs to make it the largest active networks globally for startup investments.

“A diversified investor network enables faster fundraising, which we are seeing already and offers early stage startups a global perspective and a choice of more strategic investors, increasing their speed and chances of success,” explains Nayan Gala, Co-founder and Managing Partner, JPIN VCATS.

“The overall vision is to create the first of its kind, UK-India investment and growth corridor, for startups to scale and grow. The UK and India are amongst the top three entrepreneur friendly, capital-rich ecosystems. Startups here, have global ambitions and Americas, Africa and Europe and Middle East are attractive growth markets,” explains Gaurav Singh, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, JPIN VCATS.

By partnering with JPIN VCATS, Global CIO Forum is offering its active community of technology decision makers an opportunity to become part of the UK-India innovation pipeline axis. They can integrate their mentorship and guidance through mentoring and direct investment, and achieve a monetary return through the diligence of JPIN VCATS,” added Tushar Sahoo, Managing Director of Global CIO Forum and GEC Media Group.

JPIN VCATS is the extension of Venture Catalysts in the UK, which is India’s leading integrated incubator supported by an angel network. Venture Catalysts has a target to reach 100 cities in India.

JPIN VCATS is its largest international chapter with a target to reach most major cities in the UK by end of 2021. The UK is a trusted and highly regulated jurisdiction and plays a dominant role globally to fill in Series A-B funding gap, where India also struggles.

JPIN VCATS invests and syndicates capital ranging from £0.2 to 20 Million, mentoring and network, contributing to the growth and the success of investee companies. JPIN VCATS is sector-agnostic in its approach of investment with focus from seed to growth stage.

“Startups fail when they are exposed to partners, who do not perform, leading to failure. Venture Catalysts’ investor and mentor base has been the basis for its success. This base has helped Venture Catalysts to reach the global top 7 position within 4+ years,” added Nayan Gala.

JPIN VCATS leverages market research done by Venture Catalysts through its offices in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India and JPIN VCATS’s network in the UK and globally of family offices, HNIs and Angels who wish to co-invest into its supported startups.

Venture Catalysts bring together best of breed startups and provides them the top-class mentors from existing unicorns, industry stalwarts and globally renowned investors and corporations to nurture and transform them into successful businesses. This typically leads to better returns for early stage investors taking a bet into fast growing startups.

(Left to right) Nayan Gala, Co-founder and Managing Partner, JPIN VCATS; and Gaurav Singh, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, JPIN VCATS.

 How to get started?

  • Attend the free regular monthly events and hear 20-30 startups pitching annually
  • Post this become a member of JPIN VCATS network to invest
  • Attend exclusive members-only weekly events to evaluate startups, 60-100 annually

Why become a member?

Curated deal flow

Evaluate and invest in 60-100 curated startups every year, shortlisted from 5,000+ applications.

Affordable entry size

A subscription can start from a low £5,000 into multi-millions based on stage and round size.

Portfolio construction

Diversify and build a portfolio under guidance of JPIN VCATS team.

Post investment support

Portfolio development incubation programme ensures higher chances of success.

Lead investor

Leverage knowledge, network, support for startups in return for sweat equity.

Peer to peer networking

Meet, greet, network with the member community across geographies through various events.

Event participation

Join the team at top national and global startup events.

Knowledge sessions

Be a part of learning and industry sessions for personal development.

Highlights for Venture Catalysts

  • Crunchbase ranked Venture Catalysts as seventh Most Active Angel and Seed Investor globally in 2019
  • There has been a number of successful exit opportunities, the most recent being in June 2020 when Marico acquired Beardo