Leading the team with empathy and collaboration

Widad Haddad, Vice President & General Manager, UAE, Oman, Yemen & Lebanon, Emerson Automation Solutions.

With a greater focus on diversity in the workplace, many corporations displayed deliberate efforts to bring in and promote women to executive roles. Women are given the chance to be at the high ranks of a business and have proved to be successful in providing different perspectives and managing teams with unique leadership styles. The increased visibility of this positive diversity outcome stemming from successful women, created a snowball effect. Today there is no disagreement on the benefits and importance of gender diversity in organisations. There is more to be done, but it’s going in the right direction.

Most Challenging

There are many variables and levers to pull when growing a business, some related to the market, product and services offerings, or people. Balancing all these variables and pulling the right levers at the right time is challenging. Add a pandemic and economic crisis and it becomes substantially more challenging.

Most Engaging         

Dealing with people is the role’s most engaging aspect. This includes mentoring and guiding employees to further develop, grow, and manage other people, as they show high levels of empathy, collaboration, and team spirit. Seeing them promoted to higher positions as they become my peers is very satisfying.

Widad Haddad, Vice President & General Manager, UAE, Oman, Yemen & Lebanon,  Emerson Automation Solutions

Haddad manages over 100 employees in the region from sales, service, operations, to administration. She oversees Emerson’s multi-million business in the region, and also manages the external sales channel of local business partners, while continuously developing customer relationships and ensuring the voice of the customer is brought back to Emerson’s headquarters.