Motoboy signs MoU with Talabat for month-long pilot for e-vehicle deliveries in Dubai

The home-grown on-demand electric delivery services provider has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with talabat UAE, attaining a month-long pilot phase, offering on-demand sustainable deliveries across Dubai, as the regionally renowned e-commerce platform seeks eco-friendly solutions for its deliveries.

As petrol prices continue to rise in the UAE, Motoboy Delivery Services is rapidly growing in demand, expanding its electric on-demand delivery services to over 30 partners and counting in Dubai, across six sectors that include Food and Beverage, e-commerce, construction, logistics, luxury retail, travel and transportation.

Food-lovers can satisfy their cravings with Motoboy, as the sustainable logistics provider additionally offers food delivery across a range of food outlets in Dubai, including Brazilian Meal, The Meat Avenue, Sushi Nations, Brit Shack, Indiana Delights, Cibo Italiano, Sushi Time, Mom It Keto Go, Vietnamese Snack Food, Sumo Sushi and Bento, Binalkot, Gilli Drinks, Shuraa, Awesome Brands, Algarve Portuguese Restaurant, Tabkhti, Yumi, Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine, Nikkei 77, Saigon, Al Shami, Ibsais Sweets and more.

Online shoppers can avail a host of products from e-commerce platforms such as Tradeling, Brazilian Dubai Store, Healthy Pocket Meal, Sheida Cakes, Yanzo and Yalla Veggie. Companies and organisations seeking Professional Services, including document attestation and translations, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation services, can avail these through Amazon Attestation, a Motoboy partner. Art enthusiasts and students seeking to buy their own personalised stationery can order from Joy Crafteria. Additionally, Motoboy has also entered the construction sector through its partnership with Brushman Engineering, providing for all their delivery needs.

Motoboy is also offering prospective partners and individuals and exclusive first five deliveries free, when using its sustainable delivery solutions.

As the UAE’s first and only RTA-approved sustainable electric bike logistics solutions provider, Motoboy has become the delivery solutions provider of choice in Dubai since launching its services in May 2022. Motoboy will further expand its fleet with an additional 50 electric vehicles in the coming months; aligning with its aim to achieve zero carbon emissions in the long term.

Farid Dallal, Founder and CEO of Motoboy, said “With rising prices, restaurants, companies and individuals are seeking affordable and sustainable alternatives for their delivery requirements. Other delivery providers have to either incur the increased prices or levy them onto the customer. We are a sustainable company aiming to go fully electric and can offer affordable price points. We are humbled by the response Motoboy has received since launching in Dubai. Our partnership with talabat UAE highlights the shifting trend towards sustainable deliveries and I would like to thank the talabat UAE team for placing their trust in us. As the trend of sustainable best practices continues to rise, we look to welcome more partners to the Motoboy portfolio.”

Since January 2022, petrol prices have risen by over 74%, reaching an all-time high of AED 4.63 for Super 98 and AED 4.52 per litre for Special 95, and are expected to rise even further in the coming months. As companies and individuals seek reasonable alternatives, Motoboy offers a cheaper alternative that also serves as an eco-friendly solution to the current petrol price hikes that are impacting the deliveries segment in Dubai. Commenting on the partnership with Motoboy, its partners have relished the pioneering solutions on offer by Motoboy:

“We’re extremely happy to have discovered Motoboy. The timing for our partnership couldn’t have been better. We had some bad experiences with previous companies, but Motoboy has been a dream to work with so far and at similar stages in our careers, we’re looking forward to expanding. Motoboy is reliable, provides great communications, takes their drivers’ welfare seriously and their super electric bikes complete the 360 degrees of our sustainability-focused brand.” – Yalla Veggie.

“Motoboy is fast, efficient and reliable. Their deliveries are on time and delivered with the utmost professionalism.”  – Brit Shack.

The high demand for Motoboy’s services has been made possible due to the employee-centric approach implemented by the delivery services provider. Based on the principals of diversity and inclusion, Motoboy employs from different nationalities, and seeks to employ women riders, creating job opportunities for riders in the UAE. The delivery solutions provider offers its riders a fixed income, visa and medical insurance, and flexible hires consisting of full and part-time employment; enabling riders a steady flow of income and improved cost of living in a fast-paced city such as Dubai.

Bilal Ahmad, a Motoboy rider, said “Before joining Motoboy, I used to work in another delivery company, where I was paid on a delivery basis. The company did not provide me with a work visa and we were required to pay for the fuel consumed by the vehicles they provided. With rising fuel prices, sustaining a living was difficult. At Motoboy, I am financially more stable as they provide a visa, fixed salary, and pay for all expenses on the job. I do not have to worry about fuel prices either since the vehicles are electric. I am very grateful to the staff for providing me with this excellent opportunity.”

On average, a delivery rider spends an estimated AED 8,500 on petrol in one year, which is a substantial percentage of their annual income. By offering a fixed income and covering on-the-job expenses, Motoboy eliminates the financial burden placed on riders. This has led to higher productivity levels as riders highly resonate with the delivery solutions provider.