Need more women leaders in IT sector

Amel Gardner, VP, Middle East and Africa, Infor.

The IT industry is becoming more open to women executives and leaders, but there remains a lot of work to do in terms of gender equality. This is important not just in terms of making organisations more equitable but also to ensure companies have access to the best talent and a good diversity of views, which is important for business success.

Over the years, I have seen that more women are entering the sector, and a higher proportion persevere to more senior roles, but this trend needs a lot more impetus.

Most challenging

In my most recent roles I have been leading the regional team for large multinational IT companies. The challenges are many and the key is to retain focus on achieving established goals amid the daily din of emails and calls. A focus on execution is vital, while ensuring your team is highly motivated and working at an optimal level.

Most engaging          

There are many aspects of the role that I find satisfying. Firstly, I have a passion for building teams and helping team members realise their true potential. It is extremely rewarding to help people grow in their career and gain confidence to take on bigger and more demanding roles. I am also an execution-driven person and I like to see tangible results, both in terms of projects moving to a successful conclusion, and the overall business results improving.

Amel Gardner, VP, Middle East and Africa, Infor

As Vice President and General Manager for the Middle East and Africa region, Gardner is responsible for driving Infor’s business growth and strategy and ensuring agile project deliveries and customer success.