PMI launches Make Reality virtual hub for MENA to boost innovation and social impact

PMI Launches Make Reality Virtual Hub to Inspire People to Turn Ideas into Reality

Project Management Institute launched Make Reality, a virtual hub designed to inspire and support the Middle East and North Africa’s highly skilled innovators as they drive transformation and create positive social impact across the world — all while navigating the Covid-19 pandemic. Telling the unique stories of the region’s most innovative thinkers, the virtual hub empowers changemakers to launch and see through the delivery of truly transformative projects.

Marking the launch of its new hub, PMI has also published research highlighting the post-Covid business sentiments of people and communities across the MENA region. According to the association’s report — Make Reality Global Survey 2020— 69% of Emiratis are optimistic about the global community’s ability to be successful in 2021. Despite 80% of the country’s business decision-makers identifying the pandemic as the most pressing macro issue of the year, the survey reiterates the general confidence of the wider UAE community, with 70% of Emiratis optimistic about the country’s ability to be successful.

“With Covid-19, many important initiatives had to be put on hold until 2021 and some projects were completely abandoned.”  said PMI MENA Managing Director Grace Najjar. “Despite challenges, most leaders and innovators found new ways of thinking to navigate challenges and better ways to recover. We at PMI are committed to building on this sense of enthusiasm and optimism through the launch of our Make Reality virtual hub.”

The PMI virtual hub features videos and true stories of changemakers across the globe turning their ideas into reality — from creating biodegradable batteries for electric vehicles in India to restoring animal habitats following the Australian wildfires. The hub also connects changemakers to PMI tools, resources, and courses on project management best practices, including Kick off— a free, 45-minute digital course and toolkit that guides learners through the basics of project management with bite-sized content and downloadable templates they can quickly implement on the job and is an ideal solution for those who are new to doing project-based work in the MENA region.

The Make Reality virtual hub also helps project management professionals and non-professionals identify their unique changemaker persona and offers information about the power skills or social behaviors — like communications, empathy, collaborative leadership, and an innovative mindset — that are important in driving change and allow people to work well together to get things done. They complement the technical or vocational skills required and can often spell the difference between a project’s success or failure.

The vast majority of changemakers are open to learning new skills. According to the PMI survey, 81% of consumers plan to learn new skills to bring their projects to life. Nearly three-quarters – 73% plan to take a more active role in driving change and 66% are optimistic about their ability to be successful.

Consumers are bringing similar ambitions — and a certain adventurous spirit — to their professional lives. Over two in ten- 22% are interested in starting their own business, and a similar number 22% want to start a new job. They are also interested in increasing their level of responsibility on the job 28% and learning new, job-related skills 31%.

Among these are power skills like creativity 35%, communication 38%, and collaboration/teamwork 25%, as well as project management skills themselves 24%.

“PMI wants to inspire people to go further than just turning their stalled projects to reality, we wish to transform their ideas to present a better reality.” Najjar said. “A sustainable reality that positively shifts people’s lives, morale, wellbeing and creates a strong social impact.”