Poly offering best of breed solutions for contact centre, workplace collaboration

Two technology giants, Plantronics and Polycom, have come together this year and been rebranded as Poly. The momentum of the combined company will help continue growth in the years to come. “As Poly, we are now able to provide our customers with one of the largest portfolios out there in the industry and a breadth of solutions that meet their specific business needs,” says Poly’s Managing Director EMEA, Paul Clark.

Voice-activation will continue to become more popular in the next coming months. In fact, Poly has recently announced integration with Amazon Alexa for Business to provide a state-of-the-art meeting experience for users, complete with new voice commands for managing meetings, and more. Poly sees a huge growth opportunity in the Middle East, and is seeing a high demand from customers in this region for end-to-end UC solutions to support workplace collaboration.

Many of the channel partners wanted to be able to sell both Plantronics and Polycom products, with Plantronics targeting the contact centre opportunity and Polycom, the corporate workplace opportunity. Poly recently announced a series of new products and has long-standing and continuing partnerships with key players such as Microsoft and Zoom.

For partners, the key benefit is the access to both Plantronics and Polycom products together in one seamless, end-to-end solution format for their customers. Poly means the power of many and one way of looking at is, working with partners to power the open offices and workplace collaborations.

“Since becoming Poly, our partners are now able to offer the full range of end-to-end UC products, including audio and video conferencing solutions, contact centre solutions, huddle rooms solutions and workplace collaboration solutions for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom,” explains Clark.

One of the strongest features of the new range of equipment from Plantronics-Poly is the ability to cut off background noise levels, according to Clark. While the Polycom solutions essentially boost workplace collaboration, they also facilitate cross selling from the Plantronics range of accessories, into the Polycom end user installed base.

Paul Clark, Managing Director EMEA at Poly,