Raj Sabhlok at ManageEngine talks about digital transformation

Raj Sabhlok, President Zoho Corp and ManageEngine, in discussion with GEC Media Group’s Editor Arun Shankar, points out while Internet of Things has been around for years, combining it with artificial intelligence will yield higher revenues.

The adoption of IoT in terms of companies making revenue, are far less than would have been expected and there is certainly a lot of hype around IoT. While there are a lot of use cases for it, there are very few vendors that are creating multiple billion-dollar businesses. It is possible that IoT needs additional functionality in the way of artificial intelligence to control devices independently, and this is intertwined. You need good software management to have a real IoT solution. The better the software management, the faster something will scale out.

IoT technologies are also being adapted within business applications like CRM to create applications that can support and feed service management