Samsung launches The Premiere projector, all-in-one home cinema, right out of the box

The world of home entertainment has changed. With the recent pandemic resigning millions to the confines of home continuously, this initially daunting prospect has actually yielded several positives – including a newfound appreciation for next-generation screens. Having heard the crystal clear audio and watched the action in a life-like fashion over an extended period, has resulted in an incredible rise in demand. People are now happy to stay in rather than go out, and people cannot wait for the next exhilarating adventure from the living room couch.

Now, a brand new chapter is underway with The Premiere Projector – Samsung’s all-in-one home cinema, right out of the box.  With a host of outstanding features and technological capabilities, The Premiere really has given all of us another reason to stay home and socially distance. Here, we reveal why:

A 130-inch ultra-large screen is your gateway to the action

The Premiere can create a screen far bigger than the average TV using any blank surface in a matter of minutes. Unlike traditional projectors that require three to four meters of distance from a wall for optimal picture quality, The Premiere can be placed almost anywhere and deliver a screen size of up to 130 inches, even when placed just 23.8cm away from the wall. The projector does not require a complicated installation process either, as users need to simply plug in The Premiere’s power cable and connect to a wireless network – with no need to worry about calculating the ideal distance from the wall or sort out hanging the projector from the ceiling. It also features a compact design so that users can move and rearrange the projector on their own with ease.

Dynamic 4K resolution for full immersion during every scene of content

Conventional projectors typically offer resoundingly average color vibrancy and picture quality, so in order to create an entirely new projector experience, Samsung incorporated its industry-leading TV technologies into The Premiere so that users can enjoy dynamic, 4K resolution on a bigger screen. By using unique and cutting-edge triple laser technology, The Premiere delivers rich and vibrant picture quality. This laser-enabled model recreates colors more accurately, produces less heat and offers longer lifespan, all of which provides users with a premium product that offers optimal viewing experiences. Whether you are streaming the latest 4K documentaries or your favorite live events, The Premiere provides immersive, ultra-large screen entertainment experiences at high resolution with crystal-clear clarity.

Stunning picture quality, no matter the time of day

The media quality of a projector is affected by ambient lighting more than conventional TV screens, meaning that it is important that a projector is able to produce bright images so that you never miss a single critical moment on screen. As the world’s first HDR10+ projector, The Premiere offers a maximum brightness of 2,800 ANSI lumens – a brightness level equivalent to 2,800 candles. Users can enjoy cinema-level picture quality even in the middle of the day with sunlight shining directly into the room you are watching in, meaning that you can watch your favorite content regardless of the surrounding ambient light conditions. The Premiere also delivers a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, meaning that the projector is able to express all the subtle contrasts and detailing in darker images.

An immersive, all-in-one speaker for that live stadium experience

In order to get the real stadium experience at home, powerful sound is key. Hearing fans cheering and the commentators roaring along with the action is all part of the enjoyment of any match. The Premiere produces three-dimensional, captivating sound without any extra speakers required thanks to the robust sound system built into its compact design. The projector is equipped with powerful 4.2 channel 40W built-in speakers that project sound with significant height and width in order to convey every bit of even the most action-packed audio. The projector also features Samsung’s proprietary Acoustic Beam technology to maximise sound from all angles, emitting sound from 44 holes placed on both sides of the projector so that everyone, regardless of where they are sitting in the room, can be engaged and entertained.

Staying entertained and connected with Smart TV features

Just like Samsung’s leading Smart TVs, The Premiere offers users smart features and access to major sports streaming platforms including Amazon Prime and Samsung TV Plus, and music streaming services where popular sports podcasts can be found including Apple Music and Spotify. The Premiere also supports the ‘Tap View’ feature to mirror the content playing on your smartphone to your projector; by simply gently tapping the side of The Premiere with your device, you can easily cast pictures or videos from your smartphone straight onto the bigger screen.