Saudi German Hospital automates back end processes using Automation Anywhere

Milan Sheth, Executive Vice President India, Middle East and Africa East, Automation Anywhere.

Automation Anywhere has announced a collaboration with Saudi German Hospital, SGH, using AI-powered software bots to help improve patient care and automate end-to-end business processes during the Covid-19 crisis. The digital workers provided by Automation Anywhere are expected to transform SGH front and back offices to modernise key touchpoints, from patient on-boarding to insurance billings, office management operations and other financial processes, ultimately improving business resiliency for one of the largest healthcare providers in the region. The deployment was facilitated by Advansys ESC.

The RPA implementations are expected to have a huge impact to reduce patient waiting times and improved patient experiences.  Automation Anywhere and Advansys ESC worked with Saudi German Hospital to also identify automation opportunities in its insurance and finance departments that typically handle high-volume manual processes, such as insurance eligibility, insurance pre-authorisation and patient enrolment.

“The addition of newest Automation capabilities will allow SGH hospital to add value and support caregivers  in the treatment process by providing deeper insights on the patient’s specific condition, lifestyle and patient behaviour in real time,” said Dr Reem Osman, Group CEO, Saudi German Hospitals UAE. “The cognitive and AI technology infusion will empower our Intelligent Patient Platform to expand competencies and deliver better outcomes.”

“Intelligent automation empowers healthcare organizations to perform more time-consuming, manual tasks, freeing up staff to treat an increased number of patients by improving hospital efficiencies,” said Milan Sheth, Executive Vice President, IMEA at Automation Anywhere. “Medical systems impacted by the global pandemic are seeing how automation technology can have a huge impact on a patient’s progress by implementing bots for processes, such as simplifying patient appointment scheduling, streamlining account settlements and managing healthcare workflows. All of this time saved can go right back into patient care.”