Smart chessboard manufacturer Square Off adds video calling, +30% jump in logins

Square Off remote chess

Square Off, the team that has created a range of smart chessboards, has further enhanced the experience of playing chess by introducing a video calling feature. Now, besides being able to play on a physical board against other players from around the world, one can also video call them, almost making the experience tangible.

Through the video calling feature, the users can connect with others anywhere in the world and play as though they were sitting in front of each other. While the shutdowns owing to the Covid-19 pandemic have confined people indoors, this feature was welcomed with gusto by the Square Off players. It definitely provides the much needed social connection which happens to be a big essence of the game.

Though the current outbreak has put a halt to most sports around the world, chess has been on the rise. The new-found time, feasibility and appeal of online gaming, are some of the factors for its increased popularity. Square Off has experienced a 30% hike in the players logging in to play the game on their boards.

Square Off has experienced a 30% hike in the players logging in to play the game on their boards

Speaking more on the growth of chess during the coronavirus pandemic, Bhavya Gohil, CEO, said, “This is an exciting time for the chess community. The lockdowns have motivated people to rediscover their passion and the chess community is expanding. We are glad to see that Square Off is helping stay connected with their loved ones. The recent addition to the video calling feature was the call of the hour and we are thrilled for the response it has received. It takes the experience of connected board gaming one notch ahead. We are constantly innovating to provide the most quintessential gaming experience.”