Soule Soups, bringing soul to the recipe

(Left to right) Alexander Stumpf Co-Founder of BB Social Dining, Soule Soups and Philotimos and Spero Panagakis Co-Founder of BB Social Dining, Soule Soups and Philotimos.

Soule Soups is a healthy living food choice concept from the award winning dynamic duo Alexander Stumpf and Spero Panagakis.

Soule Soups brings with it a tried and tested hospitality foundation, an experienced team of leaders and a loyal fanbase to leverage.

German-born expat Stumpf has resided in the region for almost two decades and is the Executive Chef and co-founder of BB Social Dining in DIFC and Abu Dhabi, Soule Soups and the Greek conceptual restaurant Philotimos.

With a broad understanding of blending tastes and textures between different cultures and ethnicities, clearly evident in Philotimos and Soule Soups, you will find Alex’s unique stamp on the city’s culinary scene.

A veteran in the F&B industry, co-founder of BB Social Dining in DIFC and Abu Dhabi, Soule Soups and the Greek conceptual restaurant Philotimos, Panagakis has over twenty-four years of experience under his belt with his forte laying in restaurant opening, running, and operational management across major financial capitals and across the globe.

With the world at their feet and an ever-expanding vision to divide and conquer – this duo are a force to be reckoned with in the GCC region.

Editor, GEC: How did you come up with the idea of linking soups with mind, body and soul care?

Soule Soups: During the global pandemic, we knew it was either sink or shine and we chose the latter!  That choice was a highly successful one as our business has grown to the extent of now opening its first Soule Cafe in March 2023 in Nakheel Mall. The concept was perhaps born backwards, normally one would open a location first and then launch a soup, but that did not deter us in going ahead with our venture.  Soup which is sometimes viewed as the food for those who are ill has now evolved in this ever-changing society into a food that can be “on the go” or “easy to consume” but most importantly a “healthy lifestyle choice” food type.

Editor, GEC: Is your packaging eco friendly? What is the main source of ingredients for your soups?

Soule Soups:  Our packing is fully recycled and recyclable and we are working on some new formulas which is challenging but we want our packaging to also be biodegradable.

Our vegetables are fresh from the soil of a many local farms and we have also a chosen pesticide-free farm for a Ramadan collaboration as we want to convey the message that healthy living is not only for the gut but for the mind too.  Our special Ramadan mushroom soup will be sourced fresh from a farm of a homegrown concept in Abu Dhabi.

We have incorporated this mindset and collaborations into many of the dishes not only in Soule Soups but across our entire group.

Our products are available throughout the UAE in Spinneys, Waitrose, Kibsons, and Deliveroo.

We also have our website where our customers can order directly from our kitchens.

Editor, GEC: Does your venture support sustainability?

Soule Soups: Ensuring sustainability and health are the core of our essence we have incorporated many ideals into our recipes to guarantee that we provide what our customers are looking for – nutrients and healthy ingredients with no additives.

Soule Soups is all about maximising potential, forget ‘less is more’ – ‘more is more’.   More flavours better taste, better health all leading to a better you.

They don’t compromise on flavour or ingredients and their soups pack a real punch. Idea is to spread positivity, fulfilment and happiness amongst its customers.