Swisslog works with Texas based H-E-B to deploy automated micro-fulfilment centres

Swisslog partners with H-E-B to deploy automated micro-fulfilment centres

As demand for online grocery services continues to accelerate, Swisslog has partnered with H-E-B in San Antonio, Texas to support the company’s growing demand for online fulfilment. Swisslog is working with H-E-B to deploy a number of automated micro-fulfilment centres to support the chain’s curb-side pick-up and delivery business. The automated micro-fulfilment centres will enhance H-E-B’s leadership in the industry by streamlining online fulfilment and moving it closer to the customer. It will allow the retail chain to efficiently meet the growing demand for curb-side pick-up without negatively impacting customer experience in the store. 

With more than 2,000 installations around the globe, Swisslog has invaluable experience in multiple flexible, scalable and modular automation technologies. The company offers a range of automation solutions and software to fit grocers’ online fulfilment strategies, whether it’s a hub-and-spoke arrangement, a bolt-on store automation approach, micro-fulfilment centres or a fully automated grocery store. Swisslog recently released an e-book, A Guide to E-Grocery Fulfilment Strategies and Technologies, that looks at the accelerating the need for automated e-grocery fulfilment and examines strategic approaches that can be taken and automation technologies that can be utilised. 

H-E-B’s new micro-fulfilment centres feature AutoStore empowered by Swisslog’s SynQ software and pick stations

H-E-B’s new micro-fulfilment centres feature AutoStore empowered by Swisslog’s SynQ software and pick stations. This goods-to-person solution is one of the most flexible automation solutions available for order fulfilment in E-Grocery where density, operator productivity and lead time are important factors. With more than 170 installations worldwide, Swisslog is the largest and most experienced integrator of the AutoStore system.

H-E-B is a privately held retail chain based in San Antonio, with more than 400 stores throughout the state of Texas, as well as in northeast Mexico. The company also operates Central Market, the company’s fresh food emporium dubbed an amusement park for food lovers. Founded in 1905, the company has more than 110,000 partners and $25 billion in annual sales.