Synology keen to integrate deep learning in video solution Surveillance Station

As a software company doing data management business, artificial intelligence, especially deep learning, are important technologies. “We help Synology NAS users protect valuable data, and with deep learning, we could help our users dig out the hidden value of their data with their own NAS machine,” says Nick Jheng, Regional Manager Middle East, Synology.

For example, Synology has a new product called DVA3219, which is a NAS with deep learning–based algorithms powered by NVIDIA GeForce graphic card. This gives the product the capability to do advanced video analysis when users install and use Synology’s Surveillance Station. The software is able to identify specific objects and events to reduce false alarm.

Users can get various benefits when they install an IP camera: high accuracy people counting, intrusion detection, no-idle zone, deep motion detection.

People think of Synology as a NAS vendor, which is right, but not 100% correct. Synology is actually doing data management business, and this is why other than NAS, it has its own router products, as well as cloud service – Synology C2.

On top of that, Synology is about to launch its first dual controller model, while also considering integration of fibre channel protocol, so that users could also use Synology NAS as SAN.

“All the things we do, no matter if it is hardware, software, products, services, is to fulfill customer needs to protect data,” says Jheng. “It is all because we believe that data is the world’s new currency, which continues to drive Synology’s business growth.”

Not just in the Middle East, most businesses are commercial users. When it comes to commercial business, it is not just about one single product, but the whole solution. For example, will Synology NAS be able to blend into an enterprise customer’s current environment? The question is not just about Synology NAS. “We need to understand the whole picture and deployment of the enterprise customer’s environment, what do they use now, will those products be compatible with Synology NAS?

Nick Jheng, Regional Manager Middle East at Synology.