Top executive coach John Mattone delivers websummit on GCF UniteWebSummit

Global CIO Forum’s GCF UniteWebSummit, successfully completed a websummit on 01 June with global top executive coach and co-founder of the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Franchise, John Mattone. The topic of the websummit was Turbulence or Calm, Live the Life You Deserve. Close to 300 attendees were online during the hour long websummit and engaged with Mattone during the question and answer session at the end of the keynote.

John Mattone’s approach to leadership and helping people to achieve success is unique. His focus is on helping people develop what he calls their inner core, which requires they connect with their deeper purpose, strengthening their character, and clarifying their values. This sets his philosophy apart from many leadership and life development approaches.

During the hour long keynote, Mattone touched on multiple important facets of our personal and professional life. He mentioned, that there is no straight line in a career and it always has its ups and downs. Disruptive events never have an end. We must believe in ourselves and successfully navigate the challenges.

We are on a mission every single day. The journey is not just about yourself, but has to touch the lives and hearts of your clients and your family. And this is when amazing things start to happen. Great leadership is about others, to touch their hearts and their hopes. Since, there is a massive gap in leadership, we need to join arms to close this gap. All of us have massive gifts and strengths to share with others. That is why we are in this life.


As an example of his life experience, Mattone mentioned during the websummit, “The coaching I did with Steve Jobs does not come anywhere to what I do today. But he taught me a lot. In an event speech Jobs once said, Apple’s success has nothing to do with computers but everything to do with customers. Build rapport and trust with customers and achieve that together with the best talent and culture.” Towards the end of his career, Steve Jobs mentioned to Mattone, who was also his executive coach, he could have been a better leader.

Mattone pointed out during the websummit, if you want to get the results of your business that you deserve, we need to think big and think differently. To think differently we are surrounding ourselves with thinkers and people who are not stuck in their comfort zone. The world is so disruptive but we all have the ability to move the needle even more.

We need to seek out answers for ourselves. What is your calling on this earth? What is the essence of the person I must become? And to understand – this world does not owe us anything. Whatever we achieve we need to do it ourselves. The igniter of greatness comes from thinking differently and thinking big. This needs to be counterbalanced with a feeling of humility and understanding of vulnerability, that we do not have all the answers.

Our mindset needs to be agile and nimble to adjust to change, accurate about our weaknesses, passionate, we should be able to course correct, think differently to disrupt, and be vulnerable and with humility. All these are what makes our thinking big. Thinking big also includes a strategy, critical thinking and the best way forward. It is important to remember that nothing comes easy, take nothing for granted, and always move the needle, Mattone advised and stressed throughout his hour long keynote.

John Mattone is a top executive coach and the co-founder of the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Franchise. He is globally respected as a uniquely distinguished top leadership coach authority who can ignite and strengthen a leader’s inner-self and talents, which enables them to realise four game-changing outcomes that they can leverage in their business and life: Altruism, Affiliation, Achievement, and Abundance.

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