Top executive coach John Mattone delivers WebSummit on Response-ABLE Leadership

John Mattone, leading executive coach and co-founder of the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Franchise.

On July 6, Global CIO Forum, GCF, successfully hosted a WebSummit with John Mattone, leading executive coach and co-founder of the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Franchise. The topic of the WebSummit was Response-ABLE Leadership, Everything You Do Matters.

The challenge of preparing the next generation of leaders to handle the fiercely competitive global landscape and lightning fast pace of change that defines this era, is proving almost insurmountable. Mattone proposed a solution to this leadership paradox, and has developed an approach that cuts right to the core of what holds leaders back from greatness and future leaders from achieving their potential. It’s what has made him the world’s top executive coach. In fact, the coach of coaches. It is also what has drawn Fortune 500 CEOs, from the late Steve Jobs to PepsiCo’s Roger Enrico, to seek his counsel.

WebSummit highlights

Mattone covered a range of important issues, including:

  • The power of the Vulnerability Decision
  • Leveraging gifts and addressing gaps
  • The courage to execute as the instigator to agility in learning and innovation
  • Possessing the Privilege Mindset
  • Being vigilant
  • Course-correcting

The hour-long Response-ABLE Leadership, Everything You Do Matters WebSummit inspired attendees from across the GCC and rest of the world. Mattone also answered audience questions at the end of his keynote.

Mattone’s unique approach

John Mattone’s approach to leadership and helping people to achieve success is unique. His focus is on helping people develop what he calls their inner core, which requires they connect with their deeper purpose, strengthening their character, and clarifying their values. This sets his philosophy apart from many leadership and life development approaches.

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