UltimateSuite adds robotic process mining generating Process Definition Document

Robert Samanek, CEO and Founder at UltimateSuite

UltimateSuite, the task mining company, announced that it has added Robotic Process mining to its platform to enhance Task Discovery. The new addition helps its customers to automatically identify repetitive tasks which can be automated or streamlined to maximise efficiency and increase business return on investment. The company’s on-premises deployed software operates at scale to pinpoint and understand activities which offer the biggest potential efficiency gains or are the best candidates for automation. It then outputs a Process Definition Document which can be used by Robotic Process Automation systems to create robots that automate the tasks.

Unlike competitor products which rely on optical character recognition and are based in the cloud, or measure limited processes across few workstations, UltimateSuite’s platform can be deployed on site at scale – making it ideally suited for use in secure data environments and to help identify tasks to optimise across the organisation. The company’s software captures data including frequency of task, number of users and total time spent on an activity, it then processes it to identify activities based on repetitive patterns which can be eliminated, streamlined or automated to make cost savings. It can also help suggest routine, mundane tasks better suited to be done by a computer, freeing employees of boring activities and creating more fulfilling work. 

“As the market continues to evolve, the huge value which Task Mining can bring to the enterprise is becoming ever more apparent. The scale at which it operates, and the granularity it provides, delivers a basis for identifying target areas that can be significantly improved through automation and robotics,” Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder of Deep Analysis. “However, the market has been missing the bridge that connects Task Mining and RPA, this development from UltimateSuite presents a solid next step in the journey towards true automation.”

“While there is massive interest across the industry in RPA and the organisational efficiency and employee benefits it brings, the reality is that many customers are struggling to achieve effective returns on investment,” said Robert Samanek, CEO and Founder at UltimateSuite. “The challenges lie in understanding the activities and whether they can be automated, particularly across large numbers of employees in an organisation. Our Robotic Process Mining Product for Task Discovery provides the solution, automatically identifying tasks at scale to help target those best suited to streamlining and therefore maximising the return on investment.”

Robert Samanek, CEO and Founder at UltimateSuite
Robert Samanek, CEO and Founder at UltimateSuite.