Women employees in STC grow by 23% to reach 3,000 in 2020

The number of female employees at STC during the current year 2020 increased by 22.6% compared to the previous year, while the percentage of female employees nominated for leadership positions increased dramatically, making up around 18% of the members of High Potential Employee Programme, HIPO. It is the company’s most important programme designed to prepare outstanding employees for leadership positions in the future. Only three years after the company began hiring women, STC now employs around 3,000 female employees.

During the Women’s Forum event held at STC headquarters, Eng Nasser Sulaiman Al Nasser, STC Group CEO,  stressed that the accelerating numbers in female recruitment and empowerment reflect STC’s commitment to implementing the company’s DARE strategy in accordance with its values, namely Dynamism, Devotion, and Drive which were inspired by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

He explained that the empowerment of women is not limited to recruitment and leadership positions, but also comes in the form of providing an opportunity for continuous development. STC is currently working on providing its female employees with easy access to educational resources, enriching their knowledge and increasing their expertise in the areas required to achieve STC’s strategy as well as involving them in the company’s development programmes such as the Specialist Development Programme, noting that female employees represent 33% of this programme’s organisers.

During the forum, Al Nasser launched a campaign celebrating the launch of a Board for Women, titled For Her, with the aim of strengthening and promoting STC’s values of  Dynamism,  Devotion,  Drive, and utilising them in the service of female employees. He noted that the framework and objectives of the board during its first session have been completed, and 16 female employees were selected to represent their sectors and work to help the company identify the obstacles standing in the way of female employees. 

The board was also provided a channel that will enable them to share their views and suggestions to help the company develop a better work environment. Al Nasser also called on all leaders and colleagues to support this board and the outcomes they reach in order to bring about real change and development.

Al Nasser explained that STC remained committed to building, developing, and recruiting national talents even during the toughest conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic, adding, “We have joined forces with all sectors, thus ensuring the continuation of the recruitment process. We have received two batches of recruits from the talent incubation programme TIP. We have also recruited experienced specialists in the required positions by utilising our digital transformation systems and smooth technology in most of this process.”