Women tend to work in a more holistic manner

Selin Deveci, Marketing Manager, Software AG..

Women around the world are achieving great success across their roles in business, politics, and the social sector. They are gifted with being multi-taskers and efficient team players. Women have managed to break through the glass ceiling through their contribution that shapes businesses and communities alike.

Women tend to view their work more holistically as a component of their overall life and therefore balancing becomes a vital part of their holistic plan. Having said that, we cannot deny that a sub-conscious bias continues to impact women in the workplace. This will only change with time when companies and women will continue to defy and push barriers for this bias that is not limited to marriage, pregnancy, motherhood and more.

Most challenging

The most challenging part which is also the most exciting one is to market our extremely technical emerging technologies to mainstream business audiences.

Most engaging          

The biggest high for me is being in this role where I get to interact with people from all over the globe, men and women who inspire and aspire me to challenge my own boundaries and thinking. Even within my scope of markets, it is great to be able to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds and adapt to their working style to be able to get results collectively.

Selin Deveci, Marketing Manager, Software AG

Deveci started her marketing career in HP. Since last 7 years, she has been with Software AG managing the marketing mandate for Middle East and Turkey region.