Zain Kuwait selects Ericsson’s Business Support Systems for launch of 5G services

Zain Kuwait has signed a strategic agreement with Ericsson to upgrade and modernise its existing Business Support Systems in order to pave the way for the commercial launch of 5G services. The modernisation of the existing BSS will enable Zain Kuwait to address 5G use cases, improve customer experiences, and deliver the full potential of 5G.

Ericsson BSS solutions will provide Zain Kuwait with more flexibility, increased efficiency, and a shortened time-to-market when launching 5G services. Being agile, flexible, and scalable, Ericsson’s BSS solutions will also support Zain Kuwait’s new 5G business models as well as the new value and capabilities enhanced by 5G.

Ericsson’s BSS portfolio, which includes solutions such as Ericsson Charging, Ericsson Catalog Manager, Ericsson Order Care, Ericsson Dynamic Activation, and Ericsson Mediation will enable Zain Kuwait to efficiently capitalize on 5G opportunities and also help Zain Kuwait to handle data growth and adapt faster to business needs.

Eaman Al Roudhan, Zain Kuwait Chief Executive Officer said, “Through our strategic partnership with Ericsson on their BSS solutions we are building a digital infrastructure backbone that will soon help us deliver high-performance and reliable 5G services to residents and enterprises across the country. Moreover, with 5G driving digitalisation around the world, we look forward to leverage connectivity to play a vital role in the digital transformation journey of Kuwait.”

Fadi Pharaon, President of Ericsson Middle East and Africa said, “Our full suite of Ericsson BSS solutions will not only help Zain Kuwait boost business efficiency but also help them discover and implement new 5G business models.  As 5G adoption increases in Kuwait, the upgrade of our BSS solutions will provide the building blocks that will support Zain Kuwait to provide services for industry 4.0, enabling use cases such as smart manufacturing, Internet of things and others.”

As 5G enabled technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality exponentially change the information and communication technology landscape, Ericsson’s full suite of end-to-end BSS solutions will help Zain Kuwait realise its digital transformation goals and drive 5G innovations in the region.