About Us

Business Transformation is a content portal, publication, and event organiser, launched with the objective of partnering with businesses, consultants and technology vendors to enable the process of digital transformation and business restructuring for the digital age.

The primary focus of Business Transformation is to showcase how business success can be enabled when organisations are ready to rebuild themselves using new technology platforms. The scope of coverage extends across the GCC, Rest of Middle East, Turkey, and African countries.

Technology platforms such as cloud, mobile, analytics, social media, have been globally responsible for the consumerisation of technology. This suite of technologies has moved access to business applications away from legacy personal computers to almost any device connected on the Internet.

This migration of applications to any connected device has led to an explosion of data transfers across the Internet, into storage devices, and into cloud data centers. Analysing this wealth of data using cloud-based analytics has opened the next frontier of monetisation of data, innovative customer experiences, new customer segments, and disruptive sales models.

Enabling innovation for those organisation that have embarked on the transformation journey are accelerators like blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, drones, 3D printing, and Internet of Things. An overlapping envelope of protection for transforming organisations is delivered by next generation security solutions.

As a repository of content, Business Transformation  is focused on showcasing the full stack of milestones along the road of organisational transformation.

These sections include:

Deep Dive

A look into what lies ahead, future scaping, new customer experiences, new business revenue, productivity improvement, business intelligence, analytics, workflow and collaboration.


Nuts and bolts of how to do it, workshops, methodologies, best practices, road maps, takeaways, transforming business model, transforming organisation, transforming department, transforming job roles, change management.


Real life use cases and experiences, hands on descriptions, government and citizen, smart cities, energy, oil and gas, homeland security, critical national infrastructure, urban infrastructure, utilities, banking and finance, service providers, communication, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail, hospitality, education, green, sustainability.


The working environment, look and feel, changing work life, changing ways of working, mission critical solutions, platforms and frameworks, market focused applications, business productivity applications.


What we use, the enablers, drivers of innovation, artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, big data, analytics, cybersecurity, devices, mobile.