Abu Dhabi government employees account for 8% of global CDMP certifications

Abu Dhabi Government Employees

With the new batch of graduates, the number of Abu Dhabi government entities employees who obtained CDMP Practitioner level certification accounts for 8% of the total number worldwide, making it a major milestone in the Emirate’s efforts to bring about data-based transformation and create a data-driven ecosystem.

The Abu Dhabi School of Government and the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority honoured a new batch of Abu Dhabi government employees who are affiliated with the Certified Data Management Professional programme for Abu Dhabi government entities, which aims to refine national skills and competencies in the field of data management.

The Certified Data Management Professional programme is part of the Abu Dhabi Data programme, which aims to bring about a data-based transformation to enhance and accelerate government performance, enable government entities to make decisions based on sound visions and data analytics, and develop individual capabilities of government entities employees and make them more impactful.

Certified Data Management Professional is a globally recognized Data Management Certification program run by DAMA International. There are currently 4,088 Certified Data Management Professionals across 98 countries.

The Abu Dhabi School of Government and the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority further announced the allocation of 40 seats for the public to join the Certified Data Management Professional programme for free, with the selection process set within specific criteria to ensure all applicants meet the required conditions.

The graduates were honoured by His Excellency Ali Rashid Al Ketbi, Chairman of the Government Support Department, in the presence of HE Dr Yasser Al Naqbi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi School of Government and H.E. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid Al Askar, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority.

More than 70 Abu Dhabi government employees from 30 government entities graduated from the programme, obtaining a Certified Data Management Professional certificate. Graduates from this programme earn a globally recognised certificate, as well as gain valuable experience and knowledge in all aspects of data management within the organisation, through world-renowned instructors.

The training programme was conducted from February to September 2022 at a rate of two weeks for each batch, with in-person attendance.

H.E Dr. Yasser Al Naqbi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi School of Government, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority in launching the Data Certification Programme, which will refine the expertise and skills of Abu Dhabi Government employees in data management and support them by providing the knowledge needed to enable them to benefit from data and successfully perform their responsibilities.”

Dr. Al Naqbi added, “The graduation comes in line with Abu Dhabi School of Government efforts aimed at developing and upskilling government competencies through training programmes that are based on the best global standards and practices. We aim to prepare government employees to keep pace with the requirements and developments of the labour market, giving them the opportunity to participate in Abu Dhabi’s digital transformation journey and achieve the emirate’s vision of building a knowledge-based economy.”

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Abdelhameed Al Askar, Director-General of ADDA, said: “The programme aims to support government efforts to create data-driven ecosystems, empower government employees and provide them with the necessary data management skills and competencies in order to realize the value of data in governance and maximize operational efficiency.”

Al Askar added, “Through this programme, we look forward to raising the data maturity index in government entities by training more than 150 eligible government employees and equipping them with the required skills in data management in accordance with the highest known global standards and practices in this field.”