Acme offering vision-guided intelligent robots for warehousing and manufacturing

Acme Intralog will offer vision-guided intelligent robots for the region’s warehousing and manufacturing sectors through a partnership with Mech-Mind, an artificial intelligence industrial robotics company with offices in Germany, Japan, China and soon in the US. These robots can be used for vision-guided depalletizing, order picking, gluing, mixed palletizing, rebar marking, logistics parcel picking and assembling activities in manufacturing and logistic warehousing facilities.

Acme’s customers can benefit from fast access to innovative vision-based solutions incorporating Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras, Mech-Vision graphical machine vision software, Mech-DLK offline deep learning training tool, Mech-Viz intelligent robot programming environment and more. By integrating with industrial robots as well as collaborative robots from Hanwha, Acme can provide a wide range of palletization, depalletization, machine tending as well as sortation and bin picking solutions for both manufacturing and intralogistics industries.

According to Navin Narayan, CEO, Acme Intralog, “Traditional industrial cameras cannot generate high-quality point cloud data. With our partnership with Mech-Mind, we will be able to provide vision-guided intelligent robot solutions featuring faster speed, higher precision, and a larger field of view to produce excellent 3D images of various objects. This will be very useful for logistics and manufacturing sectors. For instance, in a large warehousing facility, many cases need to be depalletized and the process is complex, which requires high speed and stability. The traditional industrial robots cannot deal well with random pallet patterns and many cartons in various sizes and shapes. Using an artificial intelligence algorithm, our vision-guided robot will be able to easily recognize dark or white objects, tapes, cable ties, labeled objects, and the direction of stripes on cartons; and thus, automatically complete depalletizing and palletizing in an efficient and prompt manner.”