Alp Uysal explains why Ericsson is investing in partnerships along with technology

Alp Uysal, Vice President Strategy, Technology, Innovation and GIR, Middle East and Africa, Ericsson, explains to GEC Media Group’s Editor Arun Shankar, that while the vendor is investing in 5G technology for its service operator customers, it is also investing in research partnerships to realise the potential of this technology. For this purpose, Ericsson is investing in eco system partnerships, which includes 20 universities and 40 industrial leaders.

Says Uysal: We are investing to test out new use cases that will be enabled through high throughput, low latency and massive connectivity that 5G will enable. Uysal’s job role is strategy and planning for everything about the future, for the next three to five years, in the market place. Says Uysal: As leaders in the 5G space, we are setting up the landscape for the industry to take advantage of.