C37, Dubai Healthcare City’s private medical workspace, receives accreditation


Dubai Healthcare City, the enabling healthcare and wellness destination, has recorded its latest milestone, with C37, the UAE’s first private medical workspace, fully managed and operated by DHCC, receiving official accreditation by the prestigious American Accreditation Commission International.

The accreditation was awarded to C37, at Arab Health 2024, underlining the success of C37 in fostering healthcare beyond borders since its launched in 2021. As the first and only fully managed and operated private medical workspace, it has proven to offer distinct advantages for UAE-based or visiting doctors seeking an independent flexible practice solution.

In awarding the accreditation, the AACI, one of the world’s most experienced organisations in the provision of healthcare organisation accreditation and clinical excellence certification services, recognised C37’s outstanding position as a healthcare workspace that not only mirrors the experience of working in a hospital for doctors but also eliminates the operational hassles. The commission also reported that C37 provides a unique blend of freedom and meticulous control, ensuring patient safety remains the utmost priority, and is committed to prioritizing patients.

C37, which hosts 28 members, 14 of which are international experts, who have collectively performed 5,619 medical procedures, has “ingeniously crafted a concept that empowers both facility management and doctors to become integral stakeholders in the process, aligning their interests for the benefit of patient,” the commission added.

Allae Almanini, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Dubai Healthcare City Authority, said: “The launch of C37 was a strategic move further demonstrating our goal to enhance healthcare delivery to meet the growing demands of the health sector, aligning with the UAE’s national agenda on advanced health sciences and healthcare excellence. We are honoured that the prestigious American Accreditation Commission International has recognised this innovative concept and its transformative impact, signifying a new era in healthcare. This accreditation endorses the uniqueness of the C37 model and its importance to not only the DHCC community but the wider healthcare sector.”

Mohammed Rasheed Al Amassi, Vice President and CEO of the AACI in the Middle East, added: “Congratulations to C37 and Dubai Healthcare City on achieving AACI accreditation. C37 has set a benchmark that stands head and shoulders above conventional practices, demonstrating great commitment to ensuring it stays ahead on service excellence, patient experience, and safety at all times. Together, we look forward to shaping the future of healthcare with firm dedication to excellence.”

Working to support its members, C37 has signed various agreements with leading institutions. An MoU with the Canadian Specialist Hospital allows the hospital to utilise C37 workspaces while enabling its members to use the hospital facilities. Meanwhile, an agreement with Gargash Hospital has integrated the hospital into the C37 network of service providers.

Dr. Mohamed Elbaz, Medical Director & Head of Operation of C37 platform, added: “As the first and only private medical workspace in the UAE, we have been able to demonstrate comprehensive and unparalleled advantages to visiting doctors and patients. This prestigious accreditation from AACI validates our objectives and commitment to offering customised services across a diverse range of specialties, based on individual needs.”

Underscoring DHCC’s commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery, C37 is a vital component of the free zone’s ecosystem, which offers a wide range of medical services with 481 registered facilities, including advanced diagnostic procedures, specialised treatments, surgical procedures and the first Russian clinic in Dubai – Kandinsky. Home to 195 clinical facilities and 130 regional headquarters of global companies, DHCC continues to lead the transformation of Dubai’s healthcare landscape, providing direct access to an unrivalled network of partners.