Daikin’s business resilience strategy doubles group’s market value to $65B

Masaaki Miyatake, Chairman and President of Daikin MEA

The demand for solutions and products that promote a safer and healthier indoor air quality, ensure better ventilation, and eliminate air impurities is driving even higher growth for Daikin Group. The steadily growing demand comes as people in the Middle East and around the world take extra precaution to prevent the further spread of Covid-19. Daikin Group reported that its overall market value has doubled from $30 billion to $65 billion. The company attributed this successful performance to its business resilience strategy amid a volatile global economy, as well as aggressive investments and various measures carried out under its Fusion 20 Strategic Management Plan. These initiatives have empowered and will enable the group to maintain its position in the market during and even after this pandemic. 

The company said it continues to make strategic investments to grow the business while also building on its robust corporate structure to give back to society. As customers look beyond the pandemic, their needs have changed. Daikin was among the first to respond to their growing demand for air quality solutions by tapping the power of technology to provide products and services designed to improve air quality and promote efficient cooling and energy consumption. 

Daikin MEA recently launched new products and solutions with key focus on indoor air quality and purification. Its new range of solutions include the flagship air purifiers, residential AHU series, new filter technologies on fan coils, auto-cleaning technologies, and an improved AHU lineup for all applications, especially in the health sector. 

Among other initiatives, Daikin is keen to continue promoting energy-efficient air conditioners and refrigerants that have less impact on the environment and have the potential to reduce carbon emissions that cause global warming. The company views its business strategy as a balanced approach to increasing growth while contributing to global efforts that address social and environmental concerns, especially climate change.

Masaaki Miyatake, Chairman and President of Daikin MEA, said: “Daikin MEA continues to aggressively expand its operations and footprint in all key markets. We achieve this expansion strategy by opening new affiliates, sales offices and service centres, introducing new products, and further strengthening our business structure, manpower, sales partners and relations with key industry stakeholders.”