Datos Health platform to provide remote patient care for Israel’s 24 healthcare centres


Datos Health, a global leader in remote care automation, announced that the company will provide virtual visits, specialty care, chronic care, and transition of care services throughout Israel’s 24 public hospitals, mental health centers, and geriatric facilities.

The Directorate of Government Medical Centers sought a flexible field-proven medical technology platform to build and deploy remote care programs to improve the quality of care. The Open Care platform enables them to customize protocols to fit their unique approach to healthcare quickly and easily.

“We set a goal of promoting innovation that brings significant value to our patients and staff,” said Naama Perry Cohen, Chief Information Officer, Directorate of Government Medical Centers. “The Datos Health platform is a strategic solution to provide our patients with remote care across the country by integrating automation into clinical workflows – harnessing the power of effective hybrid care.”

Uri Bettesh, CEO and Founder of Datos Health, said: “Datos Health will enable governmental hospitals to customize care plans and enhance care delivery through automated assisted self-care, enabling them to focus on quality interactions with patients. We are proud to work with such a forward-thinking public health organization in changing the face of national healthcare delivery.”