Emirates Development Bank and Hub71 host pitch day to support Abu Dhabi’s fintechs

Emirates Development Bank and Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem, have co-hosted the ‘Hub71 FinTech Pitch Day’ at the EDB Business Lab Abu Dhabi to support and explore growth opportunities for Hub71’s leading FinTech startups.

Nine Hub71 Fintech startups presented advanced technology-enabled financial solutions and capabilities to the EDB decision forum and EDB FinTech partners, including SME funding support solutions, payment solutions and open banking solutions. The solutions showcased offered unique approaches to conceptualise digital financial platforms for SMEs segment customers.

Shaker Zainal, Chief mSMEs Officer at Emirates Development Bank said: “As the UAE’s development bank, EDB views our nation’s FinTech companies as partners in the development of solutions which financially enable our customers to contribute to the economic competitiveness and industrial advancement of the UAE. We are pleased to have co-hosted the ‘Hub71 FinTech Pitch Day’, and value the opportunity to meet with leading representatives driving innovation within Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem. Following this event, EDB looks forward to collaborating to jointly identify opportunities that will support the growth of UAE FinTech capabilities.”

Elodie Robin, Head of Growth & Strategy at Hub71, commented: “At Hub71, innovation thrives through effective partnerships and collaborations that spur the growth of key sectors and boost the digital economy. The “Hub71 FinTech Pitch Day” with Emirates Development Bank is one such example of the impactful involvement of leading UAE entities in accelerating the advancement and adoption of cutting-edge technologies and supporting entrepreneurship and innovation. We look forward to further collaborations with EDB and opportunities to help disruptive startups grow and scale from Abu Dhabi.”