Ericsson demonstrating at Gitex 2019 how 5G supports industrial efficiencies, connected cities

Ericsson will showcase the latest 5G technology innovations and emerging use cases at Gitex Technology Week. Building on its theme Experience 5G, Ericsson will inspire attendees how 5G is becoming a platform for innovation for both operators and consumers. 5G offers technology efficiency and a lower cost per gigabyte than current 4G networks and gain insights on untapped emerging revenue streams from the digitalisation of industries, with up to 36% growth in revenues and market opportunities of up to $619 billion globally by 2026.

Ericsson, at Gitex, will share the latest 5G and AI technology with its partners in the industry. During the event, visitors will gain deeper and broader knowledge on how to plan and execute a smooth transition to 5G and reap the benefits of digital transformation in industries like healthcare, entertainment and sports to name but a few.

Ericsson will provide more than 20 demonstrations of new and emerging technologies and the improved experience people have when trying things out over the latest 5G-enabled networks and platforms. Attendees will be able to enjoy interactive sports experiences using high-quality in-car video, virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR. Examples of connected cities, remote operated vehicles, more efficient and automated manufacturing, immersive sports and connected healthcare as well as transformational TV and gaming experiences will also be at hand.

Highlights from Ericsson demos include:

Consumer demo suite

  • Consumers are expecting 5G to deliver higher performance, ultra-high speed, and reliability to enable them to use new services like real-time translation, enhanced event experiences and immersive VR-gaming to name a few.
  • Demos include hot consumer trends walk, connected healthcare, VR football and immersive dome, 5G Consumer studies screen and gaming.

Industries demo suite

  • 5G presents an opportunity for telecom operators to tap into new revenue streams emerging from the digitalisation of industries.
  • Demos include Industry 4.0 and IoT, remote operations, future urban planning, immersive dome and MEA 5G industry potential

Technology demos

  • Focused on strategies to deploy the next network architecture, Ericsson technology demos include City Model and Ericsson Radio System.

Ericsson Research

  • In its report, The guide to capturing the 5G industry digitalisation business potential, Ericsson delves deeper into industry verticals that are prominent in the region and offer clear opportunities for 5G use cases at Gitex 2019.