Helping people and spreading joy is satisfying

Leena Parwani, Founder CEO, LPH Financial Services.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked as a professional in human resources in a very efficient organisation, where I learned and grew and constantly upgraded myself. Since I am a woman myself and I had the opportunity of meeting with some great businessmen and see their working environment, especially if they are women-friendly or not, I had created an exploitation-free environment where everyone has equal opportunity to grow and upgrade themselves.

Nothing is easy when you manage a complex business that deals with human mind, uncertainty, risks and how one reacts to it, I think I made it reasonably easy, due to prudent management style that I have and that has worked well. I empower my colleagues with freedom and responsibility, and it has worked well.

Most challenging

Managing expectations of everyone. It is humanly very tough to satisfy everyone. But I try to make them as happy as possible.

Most engaging

My biggest satisfaction comes from helping people when I see smile on their faces. Dealing with life insurance is not easy. You deal with risks, health, fear, etc. that no one wants to discuss. But when I see the smile on the face of my client after claiming the money, or seeing the benefits as opposed to the costs, I feel a sense of satisfaction. I feel great.

Leena Parwani, Founder CEO, LPH Financial Services

As a founder, Parwani had set up the internal management rules and processes. She had hired and trained most of the people in the company. Now she has a well-set team of professionals and processes and systems in place. She manages the team and drives the business development to remain on top of the game.