Kuwait Gulf Oil Company implements Oracle Fusion Cloud automating 60 core processes

Leopoldo Boado, Senior Vice President – Business Applications, ECEMEA, Oracle.

Oracle announced that Kuwait Gulf Oil Company is the first Oil Company in Kuwait to implement Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite to fully automate core business processes across  financial services, human resources and Enterprise Resource Planning to help achieve its mission of becoming one of the most technologically advanced oil and gas companies in the Middle East region and globally.

Kuwait Gulf Oil Company was established on 10th February 2002, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation for upstream oil and gas operations. KGOC represents the interest of the State of Kuwait in the Partitioned Zone (PZ). The PZ lies alongside the border between the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The natural resources in the PZ are shared equally by the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Under this digital initiative, KGOC has implemented Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) and Oracle Fusion Cloud Self-Service. The implementation is helping KGOC streamline key finance processs to ensure better budgetary control, sharpen forecasts and automate routine tasks including contract management, renewals and supplier invoicing to avoid overspending.

KGOC has automated the core HR function that now enables employees to complete everyday tasks including leave requests, pay slips, goal setting etc. through self service applications. This automation now allows the HR teams to focus on creating better employee productivity and welfare programs. The fusion cloud application implementation is now also providing KGOC teams a consistent experience across all devices in addition to mobility services, enabling a centralized data source for FS and HR data to improve decision-making.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications implementation in KGOC has also ensured business continuity for FS and HR activities and avoided business interruptions during Covid – 19 pandemic and and luckdown.

Leopoldo Boado, Senior Vice President – Business Applications, ECEMEA, Oracle.
Leopoldo Boado, Senior Vice President – Business Applications, ECEMEA, Oracle.

KGOC’s management can now also access a customised dashboard from any location to get a real time view of their business unit’s spend, contract status, renewals and other financial details. Furthermore, KGOC has also automated its payroll module for swift monthly payroll reconciliation besides also introducing a supplier portal, which gives KGOC’ suppliers the ability to directly access information and view their invoices.

More than 60 core business processes automated  
Kuwait Gulf Oil Company is the first oil and gas Company in Kuwait to implement Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications 

“At KGOC, cloud led digital transformation is playing a vital role towards enhancing business efficiencies for sustained growth and building the workforce of future that is free from working on mundane tasks and instead focuses on delivering high value projects”, said Ahmad A Safar, Team Leader Information Technology at Kuwait Gulf Oil Company.

“With the implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, we have automated sixty four business processes across finance, HR and supply chain. This operational agility allowed us to swiftly transition to remote working during the pandemic, without compromising on any business process or commitment to our customers, partners suppliers and employees”, added Latifa E Alnasrallah Project Manager, Kuwait Gulf Oil Company.

“With Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, KGOC is now able to quickly adapt business models and processes, reduce costs, innovate more and drive further growth. Besides the modern user experience that is helping enhance productivity, the embedded AI capability of our fusion cloud applications is also helping KGOC further innovation, improve scalability and enhance speed to market”, said Leopoldo Boado, Senior Vice President – Business Applications, ECEMEA, Oracle.

The implementation of this digital project has been completed by Oracle Consulting Services. Kuwait Gulf Oil Company has received the Best Product Execution award in the Middle East from Oracle Consulting Services.