Leading at strategic planning in healthcare sector

Dr Archi Gupta, Chief Administration Officer, Valiant Clinic and Hospital

I joined Valiant Clinic and Hospital as a strategy and healthcare technical lead when the organisation was just beginning its journey. In the past five years, we have expanded our services from an outpatient wellness facility into a surgical centre. Our hard work has paid off  and I am proud to say that we have become the premier healthcare facility in Dubai, catering to the needs of the market in an ethical manner. We take pride in our hospitality services which have been envisioned in a way to rejuvenate and energise our patients.

Most challenging

While you will hardly see a woman handling operations and strategic functions for an organisation, I am blessed that the leadership of the UAE, encourages women leaders and they are not an exception. However, striving for perfection in every area I manage is challenging because shortfalls are used as excuses for inability to lead.

Most engaging

The most rewarding part of working at Valiant Clinic and Hospital is that we get to contribute towards healing people and alleviating their suffering, ensuring that they revitalise their health in an ethical manner, which is the core of our vision. I am also grateful for collaborating with many of my colleagues who have become friends over the years.

Dr Archi Gupta, Chief Administration Officer, Valiant Clinic and Hospital

Gupta’s responsibilities include managing and supervising various departments, including finance, administration, human resources, customer service, sales, and marketing. Additionally, she develops and implements strategic plans and reviews administrative policies along with day-to-day operations. The role also requires motivating 150 employees which are set to grow to more than 200 by mid-2021.