Live 360 degree 3D hologram made possible by 5G streaming from du and ZTE  

ZTE has partnered with du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company EITC, to demonstrate the Middle East and North Africa’s MENA first 5G live 3D hologram, which represents a futuristic communication application to entertain and inform audiences in an innovative way.

Unlike the flat screen projection, ZTE and du demonstrated a 3D hologram that can be viewed from 360 degree. The 3D hologram demo requires ultra-broad band and extremely low latency for signal transmission which can be offered by du’s state of the art 5G network. The hologram is projected and streamed using du’s 5G service, which demonstrates du’s 5G network potential and capability. Such future-oriented applications can only be realised by 5G networks thanks to extreme broadband speed and ultra-low latency.

“The revolutionary power of du’s 5G network is enabling a new era of connectivity and an array of endless possibilities. du is committed to playing a pioneering role when it comes to making 5G available for the next generation of real world applications. We are moving to enable the full benefits of 5G with the standalone architecture, which is why this holographic application is a concrete demonstration of what 5G will bring to the UAE’s industry verticals, government entities, and to wider society,” Saleem Alblooshi, Chief Technology Officer of EITC said.

“ZTE is a pioneer in the 5G era. We continue to bring the best technology to the region and to build the ecosystem with our strong partners. We believe 5G will bring significant economic value to this region and will be a major factor in the industry 4.0 transformation. Our teams are dedicated to creating a regional success story with du”, Jacky Wu Chief Technology Officer for ZTE Middle East and Africa said.

du is one of the very first operators deploying 5G nationwide and has rich experience in 5G network commercialisation. In the period of initial rollout of 5G technology, du chooses ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G as the 1st 5G handset to be launched in the UAE. The Demo was during the recent GITEX

Unlike the flat screen projection, ZTE and du demonstrated a 3D hologram that can be viewed from 360 degree.