Oceain Personality acquires Searchie that uses AI to enhance recruitment screening by video

Ian Hogan, Managing Director, Oceain Personality Insights.

UAE-based artificial intelligence-powered digital video recruitment expert, Oceain Personality Insights has acquired Searchie, a leading talent acquisition platform utilising artificial intelligence to enhance the recruitment process. This strategic acquisition gives Oceain Personality Insight a competitive market positioning and allows it to become the sole provider of artificial intelligence-based personality assessments using its unique video platform, which is estimated to reach thousands by 2023.

Expanding its portfolio of services acquired from Searchie, Oceain Personality Insights accelerates, enhances, removes bias, and builds consistency in the applicant screening process to make the hiring process timely and easy for recruiters using the big-five factor model. The platform will provide accurate results in 6-8 minutes as the screening time is 80-90% faster due to artificial intelligence being 25% more effective than manual processes.

“Oceain Personality Insights is creating an impact in transforming the market’s approach towards recruitment. We believe this platform will help organisations increase cultural awareness and overcome bias when hiring candidates from around the world” said Ian Hogan, Managing Director of Oceain Personality Insights.

This new strategy by Oceain facilitates the removal of the predominant artificial intelligence video-based psychometric profiling competitors from the local market which allows the united entities to focus as one on growth strategy.

Digital recruitment adoption is increasing rapidly in MEA with large enterprises such as the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, Four Principles Consultancy, and Axa Insurance already embracing it. As a result, Oceain Personality Insights will continue to build significantly their organisation and expand you in the UAE.