Samsung implements digital inverter compressor technology bringing 30% energy saving


Samsung Gulf Electronics continues to lead the home appliances industry with its cutting-edge Digital Inverter Compressor technology. The digital inverter compressor serves as the ‘engine’ for Samsung’s refrigerator lineup, automatically adjusting energy use as needed. Samsung digital inverter compressors use around 30% less energy than traditional single-speed compressors and have been certified to last over two decades.

The DIC technology not only ensures superior performance but also underscores Samsung’s dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction.Unlike the linear compressor design that has plagued users with premature breakdowns, Samsung’s patented DIC technology represents cutting-edge refrigeration innovation. This advanced innovation provides unparalleled energy efficiency, quiet operation, and, most importantly, uncompromising durability. The DIC compressors are rigorously tested to ensure decades of reliable service, backed by an industry-best 20-year warranty.

Burcin Arabul, Director of Home Appliances Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said, “At Samsung, we believe our customers deserve appliances that operate optimally for decades, not just a few years. Our DIC technology drives extensive sustainability gaining by seamlessly regulating energy usage, reducing carbon footprint, and extending appliance lifespan, thus fostering a greener future with every cooling cycle. With Samsung, users can be confident that our refrigerators will keep cooling for up to two decades without disruption,” she added

Samsung’s energy-efficient performance has been validated by various global standards and research bodies. As of December 2023, 72% of Samsung’s eligible appliances, including the revolutionary Bespoke range of refrigerators, are ENERGY STAR certified – and Samsung is the only company in the past 10 years to receive the ENERGY STAR corporate commitment award. Moreover, the Samsung SmartThings app lets users monitor and manage all their devices and appliances in one place. They can set goals and check how much energy they use to help lower their energy bills and carbon footprint.
As Samsung continues pushing the boundaries of home appliance technology, the Digital Inverter Compressor exemplifies its core philosophy – delivering exceptional, environmentally-conscious products that stand the test of time.