Teradata bullish on pervasive data intelligence and Vantage solution

In the nearly 40 years since its founding inside a Brentwood, California garage in 1979, Teradata has grown to become the dominant cloud-based data and analytics company, serving the largest and most visionary enterprises in the world. Meanwhile, analytics has become a $200 billion industry, fueled by speed, scale, and competition within the rising digital economy. But as the rate and intensity of data has grown, today’s market has become saturated with copycats and new entrants who have only served to add complexity and uncertainty for companies hungry to invest in answers – not more analytics.

Teradata has recognised this new reality and unveiled a reimagined approach to the market that has redefined its position in the category of analytics; establishing entirely new criteria and expectations for intelligence solutions in global enterprises. The company is leading this effort from its San Diego campus which, as of today, is Teradata’s new global headquarters, taking advantage of the West Coast’s deep ties to technology innovation and talent.

“Uncovering valuable intelligence at scale has always been what we do, but now we are taking our unique offering to new heights, unifying our positioning while making our software and consulting expertise available as-a-service, in the cloud, or on-premises,” said Victor Lund, Teradata CEO. “We are doubling down on our ambitious direction and strategy that is data-based, customer-centric and built on expertise. Today, we challenge the industry.”

Driving this new approach is Teradata’s singular ability to encompass all the data, all the time, to find answers to the toughest challenges. Teradata delivers real-time, intelligent answers, regardless of scale or volume of query. And it is done on-premises, in the cloud, and anywhere in between. This is pervasive data intelligence.

“As regional oil economies move to a knowledge driven economy, digital technologies are increasingly being looked at as necessary ingredients of this transformation. Globally and in the region, IT organisations are under immense pressure to keep their light on as well help their business innovate to the next level of digital transformation, creating net new revenues and reducing costs. Generating meaningful insights and analytics from organisational data at scale is Teradata’s new approach to generating value for regional enterprises,” said Jamil Jeitani, Managing Director, Teradata GCC.

“Teradata can now generate intelligent answers to customer challenges, irrespective of their industries and scales of operation. Moreover, Teradata can now offer this service based on the choice of the customer, in-cloud or on-premises. We believe for regional enterprises, working under challenging macro-economic conditions, Teradata’s pervasive data intelligence can help them jump start the current challenges and help them earn net new revenues,” Jeitani added.

Leading the way is Teradata Vantage, a platform for pervasive data intelligence. But technology is only part of the story. Teradata Consulting provides access to more than 5,000 experts around the globe and the ongoing service capabilities needed to implement pervasive data intelligence across the largest enterprises, solving some of the world’s most challenging problems.

“Teradata brings a unique combination of transformative technologies and people with unparalleled expertise together to achieve our bold ambition – transforming how businesses work and people live through the power of data,” said Oliver Ratzesberger, Teradata’s Chief Operating Officer. “As such, we are the only analytics company able to help our customers rise above the complexity, cost and inadequacy of today’s analytics landscape, finding answers to the toughest challenges – providing answers that will push the world forward. From our products to our people, our position as the leader in pervasive data intelligence redefines everything we do.”