Tools major Kingsbury Gulf partners with Saftech to help adopt 3D printing, IR4

KIngsbury Gulf team at SteelFab 2020

Kingsbury Gulf, a provider of advanced European machine tooling equipment, exclusively inked a deal with Saftech Engineering Works, a UAE-based engineering goods, machining and fabrication services company, during the 16 edition of SteelFab 2020, the region’s premier steel and metal industry event.

A growing force in supply chain of the UAE’s rapidly-expanding manufacturing sector; Kingsbury Gulf has been awarded a contract by Saftech to supply the UAE-based firm with a C400U 5 Axis milling machine; the latest and most advanced equipment for high performance, large-scale and high accuracy machining. The C400U is one of a wider range of 5-axis milling machines, Computer Numerical Control machines, CNC, produced by the German manufacturer Hermle.

According to data from the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, the manufacturing sector’s contribution to the UAE’s non-oil GDP grew 2.5% to Dh122 billion in 2018 from Dh119.7 billion in 2017.

The manufacturing sector’s contribution to the UAE’s non-oil GDP grew 2.5% to Dh122 billion in 2018 from Dh119.7 billion in 2017

Launched in 2018 with a portfolio of state-of-the-art German and French machinery and with 60 years of UK expertise, Kingsbury Gulf has since expanded its reach to the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman from its base in Dubai.

The suppliers’ extensive portfolio includes industry manufacturers such as Burkhardt + Weber, Waldrich Coburg, Haas, Index Traub, SHW Werkzeugmaschinen, Hermle, Zimmerman, and AddUp, a  manufacturer of additive 3D printing machine tools.

“Manufacturing is a critical thread in the economic and social fabric of an economy, being a vital source of innovation and competitiveness, and a vehicle for productivity that helps to drive and sustain the wellbeing of societies,” said Richard Kingsbury, managing director of Kingsbury. “As with other spheres of businesses, the manufacturing sector is undergoing a transformational period with digital transformation as the combustion engine of the new industrial revolution.

“Kingsbury recognises the UAE to be a worldwide leader in harnessing the power of Fourth Industrial Revolution  technology and embracing a transformational approach to shaping the future of manufacturing.

“Our latest deal with Saftech, a regional heavyweight in supplying manufacturing needs, shows the commitment of the UAE and the wider Gulf in investing in manufacturing innovations to ensure it remains at the forefront of sustainable economic and social development.”

“As 3D metal printing, also known as additive manufacturing, emerges from prototyping to assume a role in mass manufacturing and production, the industry must evolve and adapt,” says Neil Harrington, regional director and general manager. “Additive manufacturing and highly automated and flexible factories challenge the global supply chains and open the door for localised and efficient production that can create prosperity for worldwide economies.”

“I4.0, characterised by digitisation, continues to attract significant investments from the UAE and is rewriting the rules of traditional manufacturing. We have firmly set our roots in the region; which we see has significant potential. We look forward to continuing our growing presence in the Emirates and the wider Gulf as it progresses towards revolutionising the manufacturing sector” added Neil further boosting Kingsbury’s role as a thought leader within the region.

“As an engineering goods, machining and fabrication services provider in the UAE, we are continuously looking to evolve and adapt ways in shaping factories of the future” says Shoukhat Safdari, managing director of Saftech.

“As we progress, adding cutting-edge manufacturing solutions is a must. With a sophisticated and comprehensive portfolio of high-end machines, we see Kingsbury as a strategic partner. Their expertise and excellent market insights, and presence of a maintenance and servicing team made it easy for us to make a decision about our supplier.” added Safdari.