TYDE and BMW announce 15M hydrofoil, electric-powered luxury yacht


TYDE has already achieved a milestone with the launch of THE ICON, the first battery-powered maritime vehicle of its kind, in collaboration with BMW and the innovation forge Designworks, a subsidiary of the BMW Group. With an impressive range and hydrofoils adapted from sailing racing, which significantly reduce energy consumption, THE ICON has set standards in the competitive environment and was honoured with the “Wallpaper Smart Space Award” and the “Boat Builder Award” for its innovative concept.

Now comes the continuation of an ambitious collaboration that is making a decisive contribution to sustainable mobility on the water. As the first climate-friendly open luxury yacht, the new project represents a class of innovative watercraft that is characterised by a revolutionised user experience, the most advanced automotive technology, radical innovations and progressive design. As a pioneer in this new category, the open yacht concept is specifically geared towards the needs of private users who are interested in innovative and sustainable luxury products.

“With THE ICON, we have shown how elegant and luxurious sustainable mobility on the water can be. The continuation of the cooperation with BMW is now fuelling the launch into another segment. The new model brings future-orientated mobility to the day yacht segment,” says Christoph Ballin, co-founder and Managing Director of TYDE.

By consistently driving forward the cooperation with TYDE, BMW is also emphasising its commitment to sustainable drive technologies and individual mobility off the road. “Our aim is to use pioneering design and intelligent technology transfer from the automotive sector to provide additional impetus for the BMW-typical joy of sustainable mobility,” says Stefan Ponikva, Vice President Brand Communication and Brand Experience BMW.

While TYDE is responsible for the concept, development, production and marketing of the project, BMW is contributing components and expertise from the field of electromobility. The design once again comes from the creative studio of the BMW Group subsidiary Designworks.

At a length of just under 15 metres, it offers all the amenities of a luxury day yacht without any emissions during operation. The foiling technology, in which the vehicle rests on hydrofoils below the water level while the hull floats above the water surface, not only saves almost 80 per cent energy, but also allows passengers to float extremely smoothly – even in swell.

Apart from the hydrofoils, the interior of the classic-looking yacht is as bright as it is luxurious. Natural light streams in from above and from the sides, bathing the saloon in a unique ambience. By collaborating on this forward-looking project, TYDE and BMW are combining a new perspective on electrification, sustainability, and innovations for maritime mobility.