Using Site24x7 dashboards in digital operations

With digital transformation projects being implemented at a faster pace, Site24x7 aims to provide a full stack monitoring solution from the cloud. Site24x7 now supports more than 100 locations around the world for its Internet services monitoring. Elastic search-based log management from the cloud helps consolidate logs from servers and applications for quicker performance troubleshooting and outage detection.

With most IT departments spending a majority of their time on repetitive, manual maintenance tasks, Site24x7’s IT automation tools automatically orchestrate incident remediation for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Site24x7 has become a comprehensive platform covering all aspects of monitoring a business application and its entire infrastructure. Site24x7 strives to cover other aspects that will empower DevOps teams to start using the product much earlier in the software development life cycle.

“We plan to focus on cost analysis and management for various cloud platforms to help IT teams better manage cloud spending and lower IT management costs. We will also cater to the needs of public cloud users and help them transparently communicate service statuses to their customers,” elaborates Raghavan, about the 24×7 cloud strategy.

AI dashboards

For artificial intelligence to work, the data that is fed into the system must be accurate and should cover all aspects of a problem definition. The breadth of monitoring in Site24x7 spans from servers, public clouds, virtualisation, networks, applications, end-user experience, and websites.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence-powered Microsoft Azure monitoring, Site24x7 gives DevOps and IT teams a holistic view of their IT infrastructure. Site24x7 Azure monitoring enables IT teams to manage over 100 Azure products in near real time using the Azure Monitor REST API, giving IT teams actionable alerts and helping them reduce resolution time and gain visibility into their Azure infrastructure.

This wealth of data puts Site24x7 in a unique position, offering the smartest artificial intelligence for operations or #AIOps. In the future, Site24x7 will automate corrective actions based on what an operator typically does inside the product.

To aid viewing data across various technology platforms and domains, Site24x7 released customisable dashboards to give users a complete view of data across various technology platforms and domains. “Our new Layer 2 Maps automate network discovery for traditional enterprise networks,” explains Raghavan.

With SaaS-based applications driving productivity, there is a need to monitor the public cloud infrastructure to help DevOps teams know when outages occur.


With SaaS-based applications driving productivity, there is a need to monitor the public cloud infrastructure to help DevOps teams know when outages occur. Site24x7’s End User Experience Monitoring and Real User Monitoring proactively monitor and track user behaviour in near real time from around the globe.

“In the cloud era, slow is the new down,” points out Raghavan.

Some enterprises use multiple clouds for redundancy. Others run workloads on-premises and in public clouds, thus making it hybrid. Site24x7’s capability to monitor hybrid cloud infrastructures help DevOps teams know when performance declines and manage the user experience of business-critical applications.

“We have designed the product to automatically monitor any new services supported by Microsoft Azure from Day 1. Likewise, our integration with Microsoft Teams highlights our close working relationship with Microsoft and our commitment to supporting their infrastructure,” explains Raghavan.

Site24x7 supports monitoring for Windows servers along with a number of Microsoft Windows applications like SQL, IIS, Exchange, SharePoint, BizTalk, Active Directory, Failover Cluster, Hyper-V, and Office 365.

Site27x7 has added support for new platforms and services. This includes monitoring Node.js and PHP platforms for Linux and Windows in Site24x7 APM Insight, along with support for a host of AWS applications including Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Container Service, Elastic Block Storage, Elastic File System, ElastiCache, Redshift, Elastic Load Balancer, CloudFront, DirectConnect, VPC-VPN, API Gateway, SQS, and Kinesis Platform,” says Srinivasa Raghavan, Product Manager, Site24x7.

Site24x7 introduced Website Defacement Monitoring to ensure integrity and security of websites by offering hack detection and neutralising all defacements to keep business’ reputation intact.

Azure monitoring enables IT teams to manage over 100 Azure products in near real time using the Azure Monitor REST API. Site24x7’s End User Experience Monitoring and Real User Monitoring proactively monitor and track user behaviour in near real time from around the globe.

Site24x7 provides digital organisations easy to understand dashboards to monitor their extended multi-cloud and network operations.