Why wearable PCs from Intel are disruptive explains Joachim Aertebjerg

Joachim Aertebjerg, Director Technical Solution Sales EMEA, Intel in discussion with GEC Media Group’s Editor Arun Shankar, points out that the technology revolution has not stopped and is visible at Gitex 2019. The development of intelligent solutions at the edge is enabling IoT, is helping us to do smart things in the future, as well as enabling smart devices, wearables, and the datacentre. The new use cases are based on new memory technologies that accelerate data and use AI.

Aertebjerg explains that Intel with NNTC is enabling a wearable device that can help in safety and crowd control uses. The wearable is based on an additional image displayed inside the glass, that is based on computation happening on a wearable PC. Inside the wearable PC are Intel processors and new memory technologies like persistent memory technology, that allows faster data processing and more data capacity. Persistent memory works best on databases, ERP, social media, that require faster response time and brings the data closer to the processing unit. It also helps client systems like laptops and wearable PCs boot up faster.