You cannot sell any digitalisation solution without cybersecurity says Rockwell’s Steffen Zendler

Steffen Zendler, Strategy and Marketing Manager, Heavy Industry EMEA, Rockwell Automation points out that Rockwell is now a solution provider for its customers in the oil and gas industry. Rockwell is creating a forward-looking partner platform to support its customers. Partners include connecting, complementary, and cyber security. You cannot sell any digitalisation solution without cybersecurity says Zendler. Yesterday’s cars were sold without airbags and seats belt, but not today. Rockwell provides cybersecurity from a level zero to the OT-IT level. Rockwell has partnered with PTC for orchestration of data. Rockwell has also partnered with other vendors for AR-VR, remote monitoring and analytics. ADIPEC 2022 has generated an estimated $8.2 billion in business for exhibiting companies.

ADIPEC 2022 saw a record global attendance of more than 160,000 attendees from 164 countries, with 41 per cent coming from abroad. The UAE saw an estimated value of $200 million brought in through sectors that supported the four-day event, including tourism and hospitality. ADIPEC took place in Abu Dhabi from 31 October to 3 November, gathering some of the best minds from energy markets around the world to address critical issues facing the energy sector. The future of energy was discussed across more than 350 sessions, where over 40 Ministers and 38 global CEOs, policy makers, energy experts and innovators shared their views on achieving a progressive and pragmatic transition and the significant role of investment and collaboration in the path to Net Zero.